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Members Input required into NZ Outdoors Party List Candidates

Under the NZODP constitution we are required to seek members input into forming our Candidate List. Enclosed is the first cut of the list. If you would like to comment please click on the link to email the board.  Click to email your ideas

Draft list for comment. Our constitution requires the co-leaders to be 1 and 2 on the list. Some of our candidates have not wanted to be on the list while others have wanted to be low on the list or have just come on board so their position is a reflection of that.


Sue Grey
Alan Simmons
Tracy Livingston
Darlene Morgan
Wilf Bearman-Riedel
Heidi Jensen-Warren
Catherine Giorza
Micheal Downard
Luke King
Rawiri te Kowhai
Tricia Cheel
Grant Kelynack
Lucie Rutherfurd
Marius Koekemoer
Phil Bridge
Kiri McKee
Jim Hilton
steve Hart
Michele Mitcalfe
Kelly Thurston
Chloe Mansfield,
Sue Dick
Chris Grey
Teena Smith
Charlotte Staples
Lynn Usmani
The Outdoors Party Needs Your Help Financially

The NZ OUTDOORS PARTY has batted well above its weight over the last 5 years even while outside of Parliament with an emphasis  around the outdoors, environment, families and the community.

We have submitted on numerous bills at Parliament and brought important issues before hearings as well as joining communities in protest and advocacy.

    • Bringing the 5G health issue before the Parliamentary select committee for a hearing.

    • Submission before the select committee on gun legislation proposals.

    • Submissions on the TTPA and Overseas Investment office.

    • Two nationwide 22 town speaking tours highlighting issues such as poisons and radiation.

    • Engaged with the Department of Conservation numerous times over 1080 and pest control.

    • Numerous press releases and articles.

    • Engaged with other minor parties to bring about unity and coalition.

    • Submission before the select committee on weapons being brought in by APEC/foreign forces.


      Submission to the select committee on the Covid Public Health Response Act 2020.

Since our inception we have developed extensive policies on a number of issues including education, health, environment and agriculture. All are innovative and reflect the expertise we have within the party. Please check them out at

With over 30 candidates running in electorates including most of the Maori seats we need your support to fund a credible campaign.

Since we've been locked indoors, the outdoors takes on a new meaning and we need to continue to protect and enhance what makes NZ a great place to live. Communities, families and outdoors really encapsulate the NZ OUTDOORS PARTIES philosophy. That is why our freshwater and other environmental and people policies are framed around our common belief that we want to celebrate our wonderful New Zealand environment and the unique people and the cultural mix we have become as a result.

Our aim this election is to win a seat such as Nelson where we have a wonderful candidate in our co-leader Sue Grey as well as grow our party vote to enable the party to effectively reign in the excesses of the current government. Of extreme concern is the effects on small business from the covid 19 lockdown and the health effects on people and the community. NZ needs people in government who are innovative and responsive to those needs to get us out of the mess we are being dragged into. We firmly believe dramatic times call for dramatic change and by being brave and stepping outside of the normal voting patterns you can give a party of the people a chance to pull the country together. This is not a time for the usual Party Politics. 

However, unlike the larger parties we do not agree with large Corporate or Union donations ( ), relying instead on our loyal band of members and supporters. Our candidates are mostly funding their individual election campaigns from their own resources. Unfortunately this is not enough to sustain a credible Election campaign and maximise the support we believe is out there. Consequently we need more funds to campaign effectively.

So we are writing to you to appeal for your support.  Every donation is precious to us and even the smallest will buy a poster or a billboard.

The NZ Outdoors Party Board has a good enthusiastic team of candidates selected and is ready to run a positive, well planned election campaign based upon our core policies and principles rather than the negative campaigning we often see from other parties. You can check out our candidates



Your support will ensure that our sensible policies based on the needs of New Zealanders and New Zealand continue to balance the approach of whichever of the two main parties commands the most support on polling day.

We thank you for considering The NZ OUTDOORS PARTY and look forward to being able to represent the people of NZ in the next government. With your support we can continue to make a difference.


Yours faithfully,



Alan Simmons  

Party President.                                                               
99, Grace Rd, Turangi.

Ph. 07 386 7576, 0274 980 304

Sue Grey

Co Leader

ph. 0226910586

Please Donate by Credit Card

 You can also donate by direct bank deposit into our account. Kiwi Bank 38-9017-0320052-00




Some new policies and press releases of interest to members. Don't forget we have some excellent videos at htts://

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