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In our last newsletter we indicated we were incorporating the word freedom into our name and while this is still not finalised we called for people to come forward with logo ideas as we desperately need new signs and brochures.  As a result we had a huge number of ideas submitted and they were all very good to the extent it has been a hard job whittling them down to 10. Your Board and the executive team did that as we had to start somewhere and I now submit to you the members what is considered the top 10 possibles. We need your feedback so please click on this email and put in the subject line the number beside your pick.

A huge thank you must go out to everyone who submitted. They were all outstanding but eventually only one can be selected which is a shame as a lot of work went into them.

A few recent press releases.

AND as usual with this government they changed the law overnight as a result of Sues letter while you were sleeping to come into effect on Sunday. Where is the justice in that. It shows the contempt this government has for the people of NZ.

Open Letter from Outdoors & Freedom Party to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, Attorney General, Solicitor General and Minister of Covid 19 Response and DG Health
I write to formally put you on notice of unlawful conduct by the Ministry of Health, various DHBs, the NZ Medical  Council, the Nursing Council and others which is causing serious harm to a large number of New Zealanders and which appears to meet the threshold of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Clause 7A of the Covid-19  Public Health Response Vaccinations Order 2021, as amended on 22 October 2021, creates an exemption from the requirement for vaccination for specified affected workers who have a medical certificate. This clause appears to have been added to the Vaccinations Order after the legality of that Order was challenged in the High Court (in the Four Aviation Security Workers case) for breaching the NZ Bill of Rights.The challenge alleges the  undermining of fundamental rights and freedoms protected by the NZ Bill of Rights Act, including the s11 right to refuse medical treatment, and the S10 right to be free from being included in a medical or scientific experiment without Informed consent (which requires the absence of duress or coercion). During the hearing, the Crown accepted that the requirement to receive the Pfizer Vaccine under threat of loss of employment  ( ie No Jab No Job) is coercion,  and is accordingly in breach of the NZ Bill of Rights, unless the Crown could prove that undermining these fundamental rights and freedoms was demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.In the High Court, the Minister's legal advisors accepted the requirement for vaccination under threat of loss of employment is coercion which undermines fundamental rights and freedoms protected by the NZ Bill of Rights. The affidavit evidence before the court and other documentation obtained under the OIA shows these concerns are shared ( and were raised by) the Minister of Justice in advice to the Minister of Covid and that exemptions should be available on medical and religious grounds.

The court is currently considering the evidence including that the harm from Covid is now considerably reduced from early concerns ( and is the correct death rate from the delta variant is estimated around 0.15% which is similar as a nasty flu), the safety concerns about the PfizerVax (which still has only Provisional Consent from Medsafe) and whether the Crown could prove the  Pfizer jab prevents or even significantly reduces transmission of the Delta depending on the outcome part or all of the Vaccinations Order may be quashed.

The Clause 7A exemption was apparently added to the latest iteration of the Vaccinations Order that day (22 October) in recognition of these fundamental rights and freedoms. The Covid Public Health Response Vaccinations Amendment Order No3 was published later the same day 22 October 2021.

It is part of the law. Affected employees face imminent dismissal unless that obtain a clause 7A exemption. It is not for the Ministry of Health or any other entity to purport to defer or superimpose additional obligations on the important Clause 7A exemption.

It is apparent from the extraordinary amount of correspondence I am receiving, and from public protests, that a large number of New Zealanders do not want to receive the PfizerVax. They have an array of medical, health and safety and religious reasons. Their concerns are supported by the contraindications and uncertainties identified on Pfizer's  Data Safety Sheet and Risk Management Plan, outstanding clinical trials which are not due for completion until at least May 2023, the recent decision of the government's own regulatory agency Medsafe  to decline full consent for the second time due to outstanding concerns about safety, efficacy and product integrity and grant only Provisional Consent and personal observations of family, friends and colleagues who have suffered injuries or death after receiving the Pfizer Jab.The public concerns are exacerbated by the on going propaganda, government denial and attempts to fob off affected families.There are now well over 200 New Zealanders on the Community Initiated Public Register of Post Pfizer Jab deaths ( which has been provided to Medsafe and various officials), and many more New Zealanders have suffered severe adverse effects.Only yesterday I spoke to a young Auckland woman who has suffered debilitating neurological effects since receiving the Pfizer Jab. Sadly she is one of many.

The Prime Minister, Minister Hipkins and some government propaganda continues to claim  that this novel Jab is safe and effective despite the expert advice being to the contrary. The serial extension of the No JabNoJob law to an every increasing array of affected workers, and related assertions from various employers, education institutions and residential facilities breaches fundamental rights and freedoms.  The exemption in Clause 7A of the amended Vaccinations Order creates some relief. It is both unlawful and cruel for the Ministry of Health or other entities to try to prevent affected persons from using this exemption.I urge you all to reflect on your responsibilities to uphold the rule of law and fundamental rights and freedoms, put aside your assumptions and prejudices, take time consider the ever increasing body of evidence that the Pfizer Jab is neither safe nor effective and meet and support affected individuals and families,  and start to act in the public interest of New Zealanders as you were elected to do.

Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc, RSHDipPHI

Co-Leader NZOutdoors PartyNelson, NZ

Warning. If Vaccine Passports Are Needed to Go On Xmas Holiday the People Will Break Out

Press Release From the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party

Warning. If Vaccine Passports Are Needed to Go On Xmas Holiday the People Will Break Out

In the last week or so it has been hinted at several times by Government ministers that you will not be able to leave Auckland this Xmas without a vaccine passport.  Ardern herself said in a TV interview that she was creating a two class society.  She indicated that those who have chosen to be jabbed will be able to go to the beach, holiday home or share Xmas with families and those not jabbed will have to stay confined.

The NZ Outdoors & Freedom  Party wish to make it abundantly clear to Ardern and her ministers that those who do not qualify for her vaccine passport will not sit idly by and accept such nonsense designed to punish those who have alternative health views and to divide the country."  said Alan Simmons, co leader of the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party.  "Already plans are in place to forge a separate economy within the country with summer concerts for un vaccinated, new airlines and other services. Let this be a warning to Ardern that she is tearing this country apart and yesterdays protests in Whanganui are just an inkling of what is coming"  Simmons continued "she needs to step down now and let others try and heal what is already a fractured society. When tens of thousands walk off the job next week she will understand the chaos and depth of feeling she has created"

Simmons said " Of extreme concern is that evidence revealed in the recent high court case exposed ministerial documents and briefing papers that the minister had no evidence that the vaccine stops transmission or is safe and the ever increasing infections of vaccinated front line staff is beginning to expose that to the alarm of those who vaccinated in good faith.


Alan Simmons. President and co leader NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party

Allegations of perjury, deceit and wasted public funds leave the Mount Messenger Highway Bypass in jeopardy

Press release. NZ Outdoors Party. 18/10/2021

Allegations of perjury, deceit and wasted public funds leave the Mount Messenger Highway Bypass in jeopardy

The NZ Outdoors Party has learned that NZTA (Waka Kotahi) hid a secret option from landowners and the courts for many years, instead progressing a controversial option through Mangapepeke Valley that will destroy wetland, kiwi and pekapeka (bat) habitat. After four years of court cases, this more environmentally friendly and much cheaper option was released recently by LINZ under the Official Information Act.

"This is a case of extreme bullying and deceit by a crown agency'" Said Mr Simmons. The NZ Outdoors Party calls on NZTA to abandon the destruction of a significant wetland and tell the truth about this obvious solution. "

The ongoing stress to Poutama and the Pascoe whanau, and all the resources put into a long series of court cases could have been avoided, had the secret proposal been revealed back in 2017.

The NZ Outdoors Party has supported the landowners to stop the proposed $300 plus million dollar road through the magical Mangapepeke valley. The valley is a unique Taranaki Wetland with so many Kiwis and native bats that DOC doesn't even try to count how many kiwi eggs have been removed. The wetland thrives with young eels. NZTA has previously been shamed for blocking bat roosts with expanding foam. 

Outdoors Party members supported the landowners to block access to surveyors during the summer holiday break. 

Alan Simmons said "Given the sensitive nature of the planned route it, and new freshwater and wetland protection rules, it makes far more sense to upgrade the existing highway rather than destroy treasured wetland habitat.   To find out via an OIA request that substantial planning and contested costing had gone into that option was then withheld to the court and the landowners shows the bad faith that NZTA have engaged in throughout this process."

With funding so tight due to the government's Covid response, a $200 million saving is surely preferable to all except a few contractors. 

Perjury and fraud complaint had been laid with the police today. The landowners, the Pascoes and Potama the local tangata whenua both withdrew from the High Court hearing in New Plymouth today pending outcome of the police investigation.




Sue Grey video on Caseys Law suggestion

We can't seem to integrate bitchute videos into our system as yet so we have provided a link. In this video Sue discusses the harm from government policies and possible legal fixes.

To End. Membership to the party continues to surge ahead at a dramatic rate and I thank everyone who has supported us.

We have also sponsored the setup of http// so that those who loose their jobs due to vaccine mandates have somewhere to register in case we decide on a class action or should the need to be represented on being re-employed.

Please don't forget to sign up to

With facebook banning so many people we need this alternative.


Alan Simmons President and co leader.

Sue Grey Co Leader.

Your Board of management. 


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