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A Note From Sue Grey

Dear members & supporters,

What a whirlwind the past few months has been. I'm now  based in Tauranga and standing for the recently vacated seat of Simon Bridges in the by-election which is now less than a month away.
In case you're not aware, the Labour government now co-governs Tauranga and have cancelled the local body elections that were due to be held here this year - 2022.
The commissioners are acting in the interests of Labour - not the people. And the people are not happy about their loss of vital assets such as water, and council housing.
I'm in Tauranga to shine the light on the erosion of democracy, conflicts of interest, pillaging of community assets, and the restoration of unity.
But I need your help.
There's a wonderful and generous team of volunteers on the ground distributing brochures and doing what they can to help.
We have a solid and provocative strategy that will make an impact - but people need to hear and see that message.
Lots of people. We need about 24000 votes to win. That requires greater reach with social media and media in general. We need to print more brochures, run more events, make more videos and other marketing collateral.
You guessed it - it all takes money. So, I'm asking for your help in the form of a donation. Every little bit helps.
If we win, we have an instant seat in parliament. A bit of a thorn in their side, on the inside asking the tough questions.
It's a wonderful opportunity to make a difference and I do hope you can help.
To make a donation please click on the button and you can choose to direct deposit or use a credit card.
Thank you
Please Donate

PS. We have lots to tell you about the AGM and other happenings so we will try and do another newsletter very soon. At the moment the Tauranga bi election is crucial.

One of our Tauranga flyers. front and back.

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