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TOMORROW night WEDNESDAY 25 May 5-6.30pm. Please rock up to Mount Social Club bar 305 Maunganui Rd- Sue Grey will be listening to small business owners & tradies, who want to keep NZ businesses kiwi owned, as well as discussing her career & her own years of court experiences of going up against the establishment. One of Sue's big priorities if elected is to shine a light on the back room deals that stifle fair Kiwi progress. Sue puts in Official Information Act requests to government every day, trying to understand how politics and business is done. Because New Zealand can only stay a democracy if there is transparency & accountability.


This THURSDAY 26 May 7-9pm. We're looking forward to a jam-packed entertaining & informative night at Mount Maunganui Hall with Rene de Monchy & Rawiri te Kōwhai. Is it time to make room for a health-based model that reflects & respects difference & choice? Important discussion on medico-politics, different health perspectives & disinformation; alternatives to the pharmaceutical model, & informed consent. PLEASE - share this post - or just the share the image via messenger/text/insta..... Thank you!

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A note regarding donations. We do not accept donations from corporates trying to buy political favours All our funding comes from the people and small business.

Guest Post From A Tauranga Member.



Small business. COVID-19 has hit small business like a sledgehammer. While the large chain stores – Warehouse, the duopoly supermarkets, the liquor chains & other big players stayed open, small businesses were – let’s be clear – nailed.

Small and medium enterprises make up 97% of all businesses. But right now we see that Ardern is more connected to the World Economic Forum (WEF)– more interested in dovetailing New Zealand policy with Klaus Schwab, than in protecting New Zealand owned businesses and ensuring they stay in New Zealand hands.

The WEF is the biggest lobby group for big tech in the world. Its aim is public private public partnerships – and shaping policy to suit the stakeholders. Our Dear Leader (like many other Kiwis) is a graduate of the WEF.

WEF never discuss on human rights, sovereignty, digital expansion, corporate control of pollution, maintenance of small business and food sovereignty. Their business is in increasing take up of technology across every sphere of our life. Efficiency and control.

WEF are not focussed on protecting health through healthy happy lives. They don’t focus on industrial processed food as a driver of infectious and non-commmunicable disease.

The WEF isn’t working for small business.

A healthy economy has lots of small businesses, and a few monopolistic/duopolistic traders. But WEF are not interested in preventing oligopoly control and anti-trust activity to stop power consolidating in the hands of a few powerbrokers, or as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab call them, stakeholders.

They don’t care for minimising the debt of citizens and small business while also protecting autonomy and freedom. Our small businesses are still vulnerable because they – and the NZ public, have higher levels of debt.

Since the dark days of Extreme Covid Fear, in February there was some rebound for small business.

But – is central government control encroaching further into small business by stealth?

We’re sceptical that special local government partnerships with charities might produce the same effect, and contain special clauses that tighten the belt to require compliance.

Is government equity finance good – or socialism by stealth?

The government plans to buy ‘minority shareholdings’ in small and medium sized businesses as a form of ‘equity finance’.

What do small business owners think about this? Is the current government proposal another chilling step for democracy? What happens in the next ‘emergency shock’ – will shareholder investment include requirements for small businesses to conform absolutely to government regulations in the next ‘emergency’? Will there be no capacity to step away from compulsory medical interventions?

Why can’t MSM discuss push-driven inflation?

We know that most of the inflation we are seeing now is not driven by Kiwi spending. It is push driven debt following predatory price increases from corporate concentration. Neither media nor the WEF seem interested in push-driven inflation – when offshore corporations raise the costs of energy and industrial inputs.

This is very different from high inflation from high incomes. Yep – our house prices have been out of control for years – but that could have been controlled a little better through non-inflationary mechanisms that don’t strangle ordinary Kiwi householders and people with limited assets.

Please keep asking questions people. Raise questions with the Outdoors & Freedom Party because we’re trying to understand this ourselves. But compliance with financial strings attached is fascism by stealth.

Get in touch with Tauranga residents who are a tad jaded by the major parties.

Oh and… ask your Tauranga mates to consider voting for Sue Grey, who is a candidate in the up and coming by-election on June 18, 2022. There are heaps of events on for locals to meet Sue, find out about her work to increase transparency and democracy – but also to share their thoughts about Tauranga’s current democratic deficit.


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