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You asked for UNITY. We LISTENED, and we are PROUD with the WIN:WIN outcome we have ACHIEVED with FREEDOMS NEW ZEALAND. We want to share more about our exciting, challenging, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding journey.
Over the last few years we have grown many wonderful relationships - at the Freedom Village, during our Tauranga by-election campaign, at our Murupara and Cambridge hui, at our lounge and village hall meetings in small towns around New Zealand, at Waitangi, and talking to New Zealanders while out camping, walking, cycling, fishing and kayaking and enjoying our GREAT NEW ZEALAND OUTDOORS at many beautiful locations.
We've had countless zoom meetings with our network of wonderful and brave doctors, and other leaders and expert networks from around New Zealand and the world.  We've responded to ad hoc law reforms with numerous urgent submissions and objections to Parliament.
In her professional life, Sue has led legal challenges opposing arbitrary laws, defended some of the most vulnerable New Zealanders and helped many negotiate the withdrawal of charges.
During our journey we have found some who are willing to step forward early, and walk the walk, even when the path is difficult and unknown. We have nurtured an outstanding outdoors and freedom family.
We are very clear about the enormous challenges ahead, and have exposed many of these with Sue's amazing OIA requests. We face globalists with extended tentacles, state sponsored media and academia, misplaced loyalty and trolls, who are well rewarded for closing down those who challenge the globalist narrative. Somehow all 120 of our elected representatives got bullied into silent compliance.
We have worked hard to find allies and create a culture of collaboration where we listen to each other, and find agreed values, and policies and ways of doing things which still respect what is important to us and our diversity. We have thought hard about what is possible with the constraints of MMP, the Electoral Act, its 5% threshold and the grossly unfair allocation of broadcasting and other resources.
We have created a model that enables all who crave change to strategically work together to overcome the many obstacles. We have agreed on important values, policies and ways of doing things.  We have also agreed that on other issues we retain and can continue to develop our Outdoors and Freedom policies.
We've got a massive task ahead of us to reclaim the essence of New Zealand.  It requires our combined wisdom, expertise, energy, collaboration and respect for different views. We are never all going to agree on everything - who even wants the model where there is only a "single source of truth"?
The first step to change is reclaiming our voices, our opinions and the courage to speak out and share different views, and facilitating different views around the decision making table. Joining Freedoms NZ is a significant step forward towards reclaiming our future from the killjoy globalists, and reclaiming the pride and spirit of New Zealand.
Already other parties and movements are lining up to talk.
Imagine the hurdles that would have been avoided over the last few years if even one MP would listen to and speak for the people. Imagine our future with a team of representatives who have risen through the many challenges to stand proudly for us. Imagine our combined wisdom and the diverse groups we can represent when we stand together!
We are excited to be on this journey together with you.


Board member and musician Aly Cook's  petition finished with 24,119 signatures and was presented to the house on 6th May. 

Here is that moment in New Zealand's Parliament

She is gathering support by way of letters from the vaccine injured, medical doctors, scientists and anyone that has something to offer to strengthen the submission. 
 If you have something valuable to add, know anyone in the medical industry prepared to whistleblow or give statements please contact Aly 
If you suffered a vaccine injury, Aly would like to hear your story if you are happy to have it publicly told. Surnames can be omitted from the letters as they will be published on the parliament website 
Contact Aly at
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How we can still work with other minor parties.

One of the best ways we could work together and help each other, is to create teams to scrutineer the VOTE COUNT. This would mean 'all hands on deck' for a few days at the end of the election. We achieved this in the Tauranga by-election and it was actually a lot of fun. It's fascinating being involved and seeing how it all works. We would have to count the early vote, last day, as well as the Overseas Vote count.


Also, we would truly appreciate your support for our campaign - you know what we stand for and we know we can do better than those in parliament who appear to be intent on systematically unraveling the fabric of our society.  MP's and civil servants ignored all our concerns and put multi-national corporations and foreign agencies over and above the needs and wellbeing of our nation.  It's time to take our country back! 

Quietly working behind the scenes...

As you probably know, we're not very good at blowing our own trumpet and telling everyone how fab we are. But we have been working on submissions to parliament against some of the worst of their legislation: The Therapeutic Products Bill, The Three Waters Entities Services Bill, The Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill, The Severe Weather Emergency Response Bill and so on. One reason the legislation is so bad is because it's impossible to decipher what they actually mean, so it's hard to tell them what we're opposed to in the bills. It makes us wonder if the parliamentarians actually read it themselves. If you want to see where we stand on these pieces of legislation go to


Fluoride in drinking water is another issue our co-leader Sue Grey & Tracy Livingston have been banging on about for years and as it starts to show up in everyone's water people will be asking "how did this happen?".  It was Ashley Bloomfield's last job as Director General of Health to legislate to enforce water fluoridation on as many small towns as he could get away with.  As if he hadn't already done enough damage!  Outdoors & Freedom Party is opposed to all enforced medication and will work to repeal this bill. If people think fluoride is beneficial, they are welcome to take pharmaceutical grade tablets or toothpaste, but we never consented to it in the water supply. Drinking water is one thing, but what happens to our environment as millions of liters of water run to the sea? Read about the source of this deadly poison that even the industry warns against in Sue Grey's excellent piece below.

Fluoride In Water

6th May 2023

Sue Grey explains why the NZ Outdoors and Freedom party is opposed to fluoridation of our drinking water.

In summary it's a neurotoxin, and an ecotoxin, the fluorosilicate is the toxic waste product of superphosphate manufacturing, and mass medication is contrary to human rights.

If you want competent government that listens, vote different!

Water Services Entities Bill – Outdoors and Freedom Party
09/05/2023 - Tracy Livingston
The Severe Weather Emergency Response Legislation Bill – Outdoors and Freedom Party
09/05/2023 - Tracy Livingston
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Our Statement On Unity & Localism
6th May 2023 There is some confusion about how we encourage unity of different New Zealanders and how we can overcome the division the current lot are trying to create.…

Check out the petition concerning fluoride in our water and then please sign it.

I need to sign off now as this newsletter is getting to big. I'm already working on another with a lot more election information.

Thanks everyone for reading this newsletter.

Alan Simmons


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