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Outdoors Party exciting times ahead…
We are putting a lot of time into our policies; you can just about feel the effort our team are putting in. Our policies are put together by our members who work in the industries or have personal knowledge. They make for good reading and of course we welcome your feedback.
We have people joining our party daily, there seems to be a lot of interest in a party that has a new approach and of course, we have great minds to get it across.
If you have a yearning to get into politics, to make a change, or just to have a say, we are looking for candidates through out the north island especially the Auckland area. Catch up with Sue and Alan at their
meetings or contact us through our website

The New Zealand Outdoors Party supports a return to farming with nature, using principles similar to permaculture “agro-ecology” and “regenerative agriculture”.
We promote agricultural practices which build up healthy  thriving soils, rich in carbon and diverse microbes which in turn will grow healthy resilient crops and healthy nutritious food. These practices put the carbon back into the soil where it belongs to address concerns about climate change.
We encourage localism, with farmers playing a central role in creating healthy thriving communities.
We support communities taking back control over their food sovereignty with home, school and community vegetable gardens and farmers markets, so people can get their hands back into the soil and reconnect with nature and the outdoors, and so families and communities can build up selfsufficiency
and resilience.


Our Vision: We want to create a country where we are admired by the world not just because of our wonderful natural environment, but because of the way we live. A way of life that protects and enhances that environment.
 The Outdoors Party believes that the most important thing a person can possess is the gift of good health and the most important thing a government can do is to ensure the health of the nation. We envision a world class system that is based on a regenerative and holistic approach to health that combines conventional and complementary approaches. This system would take an integrated approach to biological, functional and environmental medicine and lifestyle that will inform, educate and empower the patient, their family/whanau and their community to create and maintain their
own health and well-being. “health, housing and education are the basic requirements of individual welfare as well as being essential for the prosperity and effective functioning of a modern society” (Australian economist, Peter Self)
Check out our website for the complete policy

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Introducing a few of our 40 awesome candidates.
Georgia Todd - Candidate for Coromandel
No Bio as yet..

Darlene Morgan. Candidate for Kaikoura
Ko Tapuae-o-Uenuku tōku maunga Ko Waiau Toa tōku awa Ko Ngāi Tahu rāua ko Te Arawa ōku iwi Ko Ngāti Kuri rāua ko Ngāti Pikiao ōku hapu Ko Takahanga tōku…

Charlotte Staples. Candidate for Christchurch East.
I am a proud mother, wife, creator, activist, healer, researcher, a prolific seeker of knowledge and solution orientated person who unapologetically strives for fairness, truth and justice for all! I…

Calli Veludos. Candidate for Mana
Kia ora koutou. Ko Calli Veludos toku ingoa. Although I am not New Zealand born, Aotearoa has been my home for over twenty years – longer than any other “home”…

Steve Hart. Candidate for Port Waikato
Steve Hart has 50 years experience in the design industry combining thedisciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Designthrough Permaculture into Ecological Agriculture functioning as anEcology Architect with one foot…

Jennie Brown, candidate for East Coast
Kō Jennie Brown tōku ingoa, nō Tūranganui a Kiwa ahau Kō Dawn Houlahan tōku mama, nō Makarika ia. Kō Darin Brown tōku rangatira tᾱne, nō Tūranganui a Kiwa ia Kō…

Wilf Bearman-Riedel, Candidate for Hutt South.
I have lived in Lower Hutt, Wellington for a number of years and I am University educated. I have put my name forward to represent the New Zealand Outdoors Party…

Tracy Livingston - Tauranga Electorate.
I was introduced to the 1080 protest movement a few years ago, and when I started to read the science and data behind the “propaganda” and talk with ‘old timers’…


The last two months have seen membership of the party dramatically increase and we thank every one of you who has joined with us.

Sue Grey and myself have just completed a tour of the South Island meeting candidates and members wherever possible and we are now starting a tour of the North Island.  Please look for dates etc on the website under the events page which is just being installed and will display all candidates meetings as well.

New Events page

Sue and I look forward to meeting everyone as we travel around the country. If you would like us to come to a meeting even if it is a lounge or wool shed meeting please let us know.

Cheers.  Alan Simmons.

President and Co-leader.

NZ Outdoors Party
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Authorised by Jenn Haakma, Secretary, 117 Allen Rd. RD1 Broadands. Reporoa, 3081
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