Sue Grey on Westcoast, Party List & AGM Notice
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Hi All,

With the first votes being cast in the 2023 election next week I want to give you an update as to where the Party is at with its campaign and prospects as well as news of the AGM .
As explained in previous newsletters we joined for the party vote with the New Umbrella group Freedoms NZ following the general wishes of the voters at large. Unfortunately a lot of people cannot divorce
themselves from some of the other members of the umbrella. It has been challenging with New Nation pulling out. We were unhappy at some of what was going on and after saying so they just removed themselves. This has allowed us to have a large influence of the Party List and we secured some excellent places on the list. Copied for your information below.  It is important to understand the umbrella concept. No matter what you think of other parties in the Umbrella it is all about being able to add everyone's individual vote together to try and get across the  5% threshold. Each party like ours retains its own identity and even if it make parliament. If we reach the threshold then we should get 3 of our party mp's into parliament and if we are over the threshold we could get 5.  This seems hard to grasp but the electoral act allows it and we are perplexed why others have not taken advantage of this.
So a party Vote for freedoms NZ/Outdoors & Freedom Party  is added to the other parties votes and could see us having a brilliant team elected.

We chose to only stand 3 candidates in general seats this election. The competition was just so great and we tried to persuade others to stand down so that "Freedom" votes we not competing against each other.  We have Sue Grey standing for the Westcoast Tasman electorate with a freedom candidtae competing. Donna Pokere Phillips standing in the Maori seat of Waikato/Hauraki and Sarai Tepou standing in the Coromandel seat.  Check out out candidates page to learn more.

Alan Simmons. President.
CANDIDATES on Party List.:
 #2  Sue Grey, Co-Leader Co-Leader OFP
 #4 Donna Pokere-Phillips, Co-Leader OFP
 #6 Aly Cook, List Candidate  OFP
 #9 Sarai Tepou, Candidate for Coromandel OFP
 #15 Alan Simmons, President OFP



We are actively seeking donations to cover our operational expenses in a variety of areas. As you know, we were recently denied the estimated $66,000 granted from the Broadcasting Allocation to all minor parties - because we are under the Freedoms NZ umbrella.

Plus, the level of censorship is excessive these days, so we need all of the help we can get, to promote our vital messages on a regional and national level.

Every donation large or small – is precious to us – and makes a major difference.

Please visit our website www,  so we can acknowledge you or alternatively make a direct debit into our Kiwi Bank account at 38-9017-0320052-00 with your name & region. If you’ve been looking for ways to support our good work, now is the time to help us get across the line!


From our secretary Teresa Gibson.

Our “small yet dynamic” NZOFP team continues to punch well above our weight. We are standing up for you and your family’s civil rights, freedoms and liberties in this upcoming Election. The clock is ticking … and we must make the most of our time left before the 14 October. This is NZ’s potentially last election – if overseas influence has its way.

We have been one of the strongest voices for UNITY with NZ’s Freedom Movement over the last four years. Sue has been the “Lightening Rod of Truth & Democracy” – working endlessly behind the scenes to keep NZ’s questionable judicial system accountable.


As you know, NZOFP walked our talk and joined under the united “Umbrella Party” of FREEDOMS NZ to model how collaboration and a coalition can work. Where are the other Minor Parties? We believe “Together We Are Better!” Our goal now is to get Sue & Donna into Parliament to keep the Major Parties answerable to you and all NZ citizens.

Scrutineers Needed.

There were so many unanswered questions hanging over the 2020 election, so The Election Integrity Project are creating a network to scrutineer the vote count in every electorate this election. Scrutineers usually do the task just for their political party, but we've decided to support the entire Freedom Movement by bringing people from all the "minnow parties" together this time.

If you can volunteer one or two (full) days over the weekend of the 14th & 15th October, please email as soon as possible with your electorate, closest town/suburb and phone number. Thanks in advance.




Mark your calendars NOW! While we had hoped to hold the AGM in Wellington in conjunction with the FRC Protest, we’ve pushed our AGM out until after the Election so we can strategically determine our way forward.

Only paid up members are eligible to vote at the AGM. (If your membership has lapsed, please go online and pay your subs to rejoin – thank you!)

Please consider a role on the board and email your nomination and any agenda items to the Secretary.

Please email by Sat 21 October if you want a Zoom link. Please put through any apologies.

Update On West Coast campaign from Sue Grey.
Hi everyone
I thought you might like an update from West Coast Tasman as my campaign here is going super well and with the trajectory I'm on, plus a bit of luck, it's feasible that I could win the electorate.
Promoting this is another string to our campaign as it takes away the focus and fear of the 5% threshold....I need to be positive but not over confident.
WestCoast Tasman is massive - approx 12 hours drive from Golden Bay to Haast!
Image: Delivering signs from Karamea to Franz Joseph.
Something like 12 official campaign meetings spread around the electorates, which so far are always attended by Damien O'Connor, Maureen Pugh, Richard Ormiston ( Money Free Party), Patrick Phelps ( independent sponsored by mining interests) and myself, and sometimes by the Greens, ACT and NZFirst candidates or fill ins.
Liz Gunn's last minute candidate "Seb"  hasn't attended a single meeting so far.
Damien ( the current electorate MP) is not at all popular and Maureen ( a current list MP) has been publicly bullied by Luxon and is seen as  weak. It's an open race.
I've had an excellent week on the campaign trail this week.
The toughest was Blackball on Tuesday night- and i didn't get home until 2am - it's a long drive! It's pretty staunch coalmining but even there Amy asked for my sign to put on her fence ( I've already got two signs on the best fence in Blackball) and some there seemed very supportive.
On Wednesday I was out on the Trafalgar St roundabout with Martin and his awesome Man Up/ Legacy team of placard wavers. They've been doing a brilliant job several days each week.
Thursday I went to the Tasman Council meeting to support the Motueka community on the mad Traffic parking restrictions (we've been getting 350 to public meetings), then a friendly media interview for Clean Water Coalition about our Fluoride meeting on 4 October, then out to Main Street Motueka with the awesome Man Up and Legacy sign wavers. The more active and happy we are, the better the reception. 
Then I had the Moutere community meeting. That was my home patch and a brilliant meeting with great questions and massive support. A lovely man Monty talked to me afterwards and said he came because he saw us out signwaving. He's the president of Greypower Motueka 780 members and he organised their meeting the next day ( turns out he's also part of Destiny Church!)
Yesterday was the Motueka Greypower meeting in the morning. The Greypower meetings tend to be more restrained and it's harder to get feedback, but I gave some popular answers and loads of good conversations afterwards and felt I did at least as well as any of the others. A reporter was there taking photos and notes- I didn't find out which newspaper.
I had a strategy meeting with local Motueka businessesman Brett - I see he's put my sign in a prime spot now on top of Matt Kings! 
Then I drove to Nelson to meet Dr Aseem Malhoutra and Dr Matt Shelton and others before heading back to Motueka for the Business leaders meeting.
I wasn't sure what to expect with the business leaders, but it turned out to be an excellent meeting with enthusiastic support especially to get government tentacles out of local decision making and on the Transport strategy questions. Damien hated my answer calling out the Transport strategy and removal of carparks and tried to interrupt, and he got rubbished by the crowd.
I pitched to offer a voice of hope, common sense, solutions, unity and people power between the gloom of the Greens and ACT, and the excuses of National and Labour.
I got the best reception of anyone and loads of people said they support me.
One of my biggest cheers was for "let's bring back the Ministry of Works guys who fix potholes when they see them!"
Sue addressing business leaders meeting.
My feeling is that Ive actually got a decent chance as long as I can connect with enough people. I'm nailing most of the meetings ( lots of practice on the Freedoms NZ roadshow). 
The challenge is to connect with those who don't come to the meetings....I can win this electorate if I can get in front of enough people and get them to promote me to their friends and networks.
Aly and I are going to pump gas in Motueka on Sat 30 th Sept to reach a new crowd, and Brett has offered to advertise it if we can help him with an advert.
We need to keep the placard waving going and do more in Brightwater, Wakefield  Motueka and West Coast if possible.
I will go to the Homeshow, markets and the Brooklyn school fair this weekend with my Vote Sue Grey t-shirt. Would love to have a team with me. 
I feel we need to do more in Westcoast. Maybe a team of us holding Sue Grey for Tasman roadsigns and waving on a busy corner in Westport between the other Westport meetings and perhaps a public breakfast cafe catch up before I fly to Wellington on Thursday . The pieshop next to the Westport New World supermarket was open to that.
I'm happy to do another trip to the coast after the 5th October if anyone can think of a way to get a good audience - maybe a public meeting on people power and more placard waving. 
I've been asked to speak in Tasman on this too- just working out when I can fit it in.
Other ideas:
We somehow need to let people know that the"independent " Patrick Phelps is sponsored by the mining industry
We need to get all meetings videoed as we have missed some absolute gems that would have gone viral.
I need to find someone to video the Redwoods Valley meeting 
Try to get into some retirement homes
A very snooty woman and her husband bailed me up after the MOT Greypower meeting and tried to push that I was a conspiracy theorist. She asked what sources of information I use and I said mainly government sources such as the regulator and OIA requests and not the spin on "Unite Against Covid". She asked about my qualifications to interpret science and have a view, and when I reeled them off she decided it was time to leave. That's about the biggest challenge Ive had so far...Also Nayland college wrote and said they don't have cat litter boxes in their toilets!
If our networks actively encourage their networks to support us and to vote boldly then we've got this - Sue Grey for WestCoast Tasman and Freedoms NZ 
All ideas very welcome
Thanks everyone for everything you are doing.


Our movie stars and Aly’s latest song


Sue Grey and Aly Cook and the brilliant producers Sam Blanchard and Alistair Harding toured much of the West Coast and Golden Bay with the brilliant local documentaries "Silenced" and "We Came Here Freedom". Sue is in both documentaries and Aly helped market them.

We had a large team at the premiere of River of Freedom in Auckland. This quality NZ documentary about the Parliament Freedom Village is currently top of the NZ box office. Sue is in River of Freedom and Aly helped market this too. This has been hugely influential in exposing and overcoming the political and media spin and police brutality so many of us observed and experienced.

Board member Aly Cook has a new song out that is rocketing up the charts. Here is a link for our members to get a listen to it.

Freedom Song

Sue Grey with Dr Matt Shelton and Dr Mahoultra beautiful people standing for freedom and great medical care.

To end Please consider your Party Vote to Freedoms NZ so we can get 3-5 of our people into Parliament. NZ Outdoors Party People who have been doing the hard yards for years.  Check out our policy pages where is explained in detail and developed by policy focus groups. Policy pages

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