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To all members and supporters,

Thanks so much for your continued support and this short newsletter is to keep you up to date with what we are doing.

We have some great new candidates coming on board and a few are listed below while we have also lost a few due to speed wobbles or changing circumstances.

Freedom and choice. NZ Outdoors Party

Donations. We want to thank everyone who has donated and we hope you are thrilled with the results as our road signs start to go up later this week.
If you still want to help the link is below. All donations are used for signs and brochures. We do not use your hard earned money for travel and accommodation or the likes as all candidates and party leaders pay their own way.
As a matter of interest our signs cost about $80.00 in total as we are using sheets of plywood instead of plastic corflute to try and save on the pollution.
Please let us know if you have a good location for a road sign as we need more locations badly.

We Need Donations Please


This Sunday 26th July on TV channel three, catch the documentary "The Price of Fish" by local Tairua film-maker Mike Bhana. I think this show highlights what we have been campaigning on about the plundering of Kahawai and selling it overseas  for 40c a kilo while we starve for fish because we have to pay $40.00 a kilo for fish on the supermarkets.

THE PRICE OF FISH – 4:50pm Sunday the 26th of July. Only on channel THREE

Price of Fish

A bit of light humor from cartoonist Benny Bennetts

1080 Drops en Mass - has DOC gone mad before the election?

In the next few months DOC are planning so many 1080 drops it is sheer madness. Along with the Tahr cull (I call it murder} eliminating these majestic wild animals out of our National Parks Doc appear to be thrashing around like a fish in the bottom of a boat.

While people are starving, people are losing their jobs, people are sleeping in cars DOC are spending 10's of millions on 1080 and eradication of tahr and deer.  People should come first and our ideas around a pest control task force are even more relevant. Not only do they eliminate 1080 from our environment but give employment to lots of people.

Te Awamutu 1080 protest

Alan and the Outdoors Party team will be at the Te Awamutu Ban 1080 protest this Friday 24th July. SH3 Arawata St roundabout. Come and meet us if you're in the area - do a bit of multi-tasking; protest AND talk politics. We've even been promised some hot kai.

Poisons Policy

Our Vision: We want to create a country where we are admired by the world not just because of our wonderful natural environment, but because of the way we live. A way of life that protects and enhances that environment.

What is the stance of the NZ Outdoors Party on 1080 and other Vertebrate Toxins

What is the Outdoors Party policy on 1080

The NZ Outdoors Party policy is “immediately ban all use of 1080 and
brodifacoum poisons
Deadly and dangerous poison including 1080 (Sodium Fluoroacetate),
Brodifacoum, Cholicalciferol and Cyanide are used (under tradenames including Pestex and Pestoff) to poison mammals.

Who are the big users?

The three main public users are:
– Department of Conservation who use poisons to poison rats, mice and
– OSPRI who seek to eradicate possums as a suspected vector for
spreading bovine tuberculosis.
– Regional Councils to control unwanted mammals including rabbits, possums, rats, mice, cats and wallabies on Council and privately owned land.
Some of these organisations, deliberately or otherwise, also use toxins to poison feral deer, goats, pigs and other game animals.

Why is this a contentious issue?

The aerial and other use of brodifacoum and 1080 is a contentious subject. Some claim that without it rodents and mustelids (stoats, ferrets and weasels), would annihilate our bird populations.

However these poisons are cruel, indiscriminate, and directly and indirectly kill many native birds, deer and pigs and contaminate the foodchain, creating an avoidable environmental and economic risk. Neither 1080 nor brodifacoum can lawfully be used to target stoats or ferrets.
Some research has been undertaken on “efficient” use of 1080, but there is little research on the toxicity or fate of breakdown products, effect of long-term sub-lethal doses, teratogenic effects (foetal impact) or hormone interference to plants and animals, including humans or on the effect of poisons interfering with natural ecological balances.
Nor is there any research on the risk from cereals in baits of unknown source and quality spreading spores, myco-toxins and other pesticides, or the cumulative effect of these on ecosystems.

What is the history of 1080?

NZ has been dropping millions of tonnes of toxins across our land for sixty years. This approach is not working. We still have “pests” and rat plagues have become more common.
The NZ Outdoors Party believes that landscape scale use of poisons is not a
sustainable solution, has no social licence, and has created an unwinnable “war on nature”. The Outdoors Party encourages healthy ecosystems and communities, community access to deer and other wild foods, the utilisation of possums for fur and other niche enterprises and more targeted community led pest management.

NZ Outdoors Party Policy on Outdoors Recreation and Wildlife.

Our Vision: We want to create a country where we are admired by the world not just because of our wonderful natural environment, but because of the way we live. A way of life that protects and enhances that environment.

What is the purpose of this policy?

The NZ Outdoors Party is concerned that recent governments have not valued our Outdoors Culture or the importance of New Zealanders being and feeling connected with nature and having ready access to our Outdoors.

Access to and connection with the Great Outdoors for a range of activities is fundamental to our New Zealand culture. The Great Outdoors is what makes New Zealand special and unique.

What will you do for native species?

We will Recognise that our native species need suitable habitat to thrive We will Research the limiting factor for survival of critical native species and develop optimal holistic solutions to help these species thrive  We will encourage trapping and other non-poison related solution to manage predators whilst encouraging use of possum fur and meat  

What about beaches and wild places?

Free access to our beaches, forests, rivers and great outdoors is important for our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

 Our wild places provide fresh air, clean water to help New Zealanders and our environment to thrive.

The NZ Outdoors Party is concerned that recent governments have not valued our Outdoors Culture or the importance of New Zealanders being and feeling connected with nature and having ready access to our Outdoors.

How will the NZ Outdoors Party achieve these goals?

We will Replace the Department of Conservation with a new Department of Outdoors Recreation, Nature and Wildlife (known as “DORNW”). What is the purpose of DORNW

The purpose of DORNW  is to

a)     Encourage New Zealanders to get Outdoors and enjoy a range of activities for physical, mental and spiritual well-being including for fun, recreation, education and relaxation.

b)     Promote public access to the Outdoors including all public land, coastal marine and rivers;

c)      Promote the conservation of rivers, forests, other natural habitats and wildlife using a holistic approach so natural ecosystems can thrive free from poisons or other contamination and so we and our children can in future safely drink water from wild streams.

d)     To encourage food gathering for personal, whanau and educational purposes from public land.

e)     Provide places for different potentially conflicting Outdoors activities, by developing an Outcomes for Places approach so people can help decide and then enjoy different the character of different locations.

f)       Make provision for commercial activities when these commercial activities will not adversely affect wildlife or public use and enjoyment.

g)     Ensure early and comprehensive public engagement in decisions which may affect public access to or use of public land including consideration of alternative approaches.

h)     Ensure information about public resources, and their management is made publicly available at the earliest opportunity;

i)       Ensure that all decisions are made in the public interest and in accordance with good governance and sound principles of public law.

j)       Provide a framework for statutory entities such as Fish and Game, tangata whenua, and community interests such as CORANZ and other recreational and commercial users  and local landowners to whiteboard strategies and solutions to promote these policies and at all times acting in the public interest.

How does this policy mesh with other policies?

As other policies mesh with this they will be loaded here.

Poisons Policy.

Please support co-leader Sue Grey for Nelson

We think Sue has a good chance of winning Nelson so urge all members in that area to get in behind Sue.

Sue Grey. Candidate Nelson Electorate

LLB(Hons), BSc (Biochemistry & Microbiology), RSHDipPHI

Sue is a self-employed lawyer, strategist, mother of three (Sabrina,
Sebastian and Ysabella) and lifelong adventurer, based in Nelson. Sue’s
ground breaking and extensive legal career encompasses:

  • medicinal cannabis law reform.
  • challenging the legality of aerial toxin operations.
  • representing victims of aerial 1080 operations.
  • impact on electro-magnetic radiation on human health.
  • forcing publication of previously secret “NZ Guidelines for Judicial Conduct.”
  • Author of Fisheries Law.

Sue has walked, run, cycled, kayaked and photographed much of New Zealand, run marathons and ultra marathons (including the 67km Kepler Challenge) and traveled extensively, as a backpacker, with her children and for business, through much of the world. She is inspired by nature and the great New Zealand Outdoors.

Sue’s passion is inspiring, educating and empowering communities to help promote community and environmental well being and a fairer, more compassionate world.

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