The Outdoors Party recognises that many people were offended by the recently passed changes to Abortion legislation. We believe certain changes may make the new laws more acceptable.

Abortion available up till 12 weeks as a choice basis, after that date, there must be careful case by case consideration. i.e. if the mother is in danger or the fetus suffers a severe deformity or disorder that means they will be in life-long pain or suffering.

We are opposed to abortion on the grounds of disability for minor disorders.

Sex selection abortions must not be legalised.

We consider legislation supporting abortion up until the time of birth not acceptable.

There must be an ethical and transparent pathway of disposal of the foetus and placenta. i.e. cremation/burial and not ‘harvested’ or used for other scientific purpose without the express permission of the mother.

Following an abortion, (as well as before) a woman (and her partner) will be eligible for appropriate, funded, counseling.