In recognition of the valuable work and high level of responsibility, as well as the long and arduous hours required of the profession The Outdoors Party considers midwives should have immediate increased pay rates and improved working conditions. This will also encourage young people into the profession and reduce the attrition rate due to burn out and inadequate compensation for long hours. The Outdoors Party calls for:

1) Review of section 88 and all modules to assess sustainability and safety for midwives, mothers and babies.

2) Increase pay rates for LMC’s, pay an “on call allowance”, and payment for travel based on mileage. Subsequent births should have the same pay rate as a first birth.

3) Midwives to be able to charge for each extra visit on top of their allocated number, to allow for increased pre and postnatal requirements.

4) Initial consultation payment be in line with the GP’s initial consultation payment and be paid immediately.

5) The DHB shall claim for primary births the same as a primary care facility or midwife. As primary maternity funding in hospitals is often used for functions other than maternity, those funds will instead be used to better support LMC’s and primary birth care facilities.