Between 5% and 10% (possibly up to 17%) of New
Zealand’s population is considered to have the learning difference
known as dyslexia. Dyslexia is a neurological difference in the
processing of visual information. A dyslexic may experience difficulty
with writing and language, but have a high comprehension and
understanding of spoken language. It is highly under ‘diagnosed’ due to lack of understanding within the education system.

Dyslexics and other neuro-diverse learners and thinkers, are discriminated against in New Zealand schools and universities, and their skills and talents under utilised. Too many dyslexics fail due to lack of support and diagnosis.

The Outdoors Party understands that small changes in teaching methods can support different learning styles, so more children may succeed. In fact, studies show when you teach for dyslexics – everybody does better.

We will fund dyslexia diagnosis to make sure children get the correct teaching style early, rather than allow them to grow despondent and lose confidence.

We will fund teacher training for neurodiversity education and support pathways for the neuro-diverse learners to become teachers themselves, as they are better able to understand difficulties students are in and champion new education methodology to ensure better learning outcomes, hence better school experiences and more confidence to take on higher education challenges.