Any successful fisheries management regime must the support and respect of the citizens and be based on strong principles. The set of principles LegaSea has adopted in it’s Rescue Fisheries Strategy are:

  1. All fisheries laws will conform with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  2. The living marine resources of Aotearoa New Zealand are owned by the people of New Zealand and must be managed by the government for the benefit of the people of New Zealand. These resources cannot become the private property of corporations or by sold to overseas interests.
  3. All fisheries must be biologically, economically, and socially sustainable. The legislation will prevent private sales of licences or fishing rights.
  4. To the greatest extent possible, commercial fishing rights will be granted in line with the principles of a market-based system. Commercial fishing permits will be tendered.
  5. Catches must be landed in New Zealand and processed here for added value.
  6. Only New Zealand owned and registered companies, or private New Zealand citizens, paying taxes in New Zealand and complying with all relevant employment and maritime law will be able to participate in New Zealand’s commercial fisheries.
  7. In the Territorial Sea there will be complete fleet separation. That is, only vessel owners will be eligible to own and operate a permit. There is no vertical integration permitted.