The NZ Outdoors Party will instigate the following policies for freshwater

Stop Creating More Pollution: End the $540M of public funds for irrigation
schemes, diverting this money to develop truly environmentally beneficial farming practices.

Keep Rivers Unmodified: Unless there is a risk of damage to
infrastructure, Councils must maintain the natural character of rivers, provide for rivers to change and meander and so stop rock walling, cross blading, dams and diversions

Water Belongs to Everyone: No property rights , rental, payment or trading
of water. Commoditisation of freshwater leads to consolidated ownership.

Those who profit from polluting freshwater should pay for its restoration.

Keep Rivers Full: Set a minimum environmental flow standard for all
rivers in NZ, below which no abstraction is permitted.

Keep Rivers Clean: Revise the National Policy Statement Freshwater
Management (NPS FM) to set standards and attributes at healthy freshwater
ecosystem levels.

 Set up governing body to set water policy for New Zealand and monitor the performance of councils including:

Agree with each council the appropriate water quality levels for each waterway within their catchment, and any actions required to achieve and maintain those levels;

Monitor councils’ performance in relation to water quality;

Agree with each council the appropriate volume of water for each waterway within their catchment