The aerial and other use of brodifacoum and 1080 is a contentious subject. Some claim that without it rodents and mustelids (stoats, ferrets and weasels), would annihilate our bird populations.

However these poisons are cruel, indiscriminate, and directly and indirectly kill many native birds, deer and pigs and contaminate the foodchain, creating an avoidable environmental and economic risk. Neither 1080 nor brodifacoum can lawfully be used to target stoats or ferrets.
Some research has been undertaken on “efficient” use of 1080, but there is little research on the toxicity or fate of breakdown products, effect of long-term sub-lethal doses, teratogenic effects (foetal impact) or hormone interference to plants and animals, including humans or on the effect of poisons interfering with natural ecological balances.
Nor is there any research on the risk from cereals in baits of unknown source and quality spreading spores, myco-toxins and other pesticides, or the cumulative effect of these on ecosystems.