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The New Zealand Outdoors Party

The New Zealand way of life has always been based around our outdoors heritage and the wonderful community support that is uniquely New Zealand. Our mission is to protect and enhance those values.
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Xmas Greetings to all members and supporters.

I wish you all a very Merry Xmas and hope you have a wonderful holiday relaxing in the sun or just enjoying time with your family.
A day at the beach or a beautiful bush walk will be on many peoples to do list this summer. Let us not forget the reason we are here enjoying such a wonderful environment. As we walk in the cool shade of the bush, pull in the crayfish pot, cast to a feeding trout we should reflect on those generations before us who worked tirelessly to protect the beautiful New Zealand we now enjoy.
It is their legacy we carry forward in the Outdoors Party; look around you at people swimming, enjoying a horse ride on the beach or just lazing beside a surfcasting rod gazing out to sea and you will be inspired to try and protect the same for the next generation. This is the very reason we exist.

Please spread the word and encourage others to join us so we can pass on a beautiful, inspiring New Zealand as our legacy for generations to come.

Have a wonderful Xmas


Whats Happening

  • Make sure you read the article below by David Haynes which highlights 10 good reasons for joining the party and fleshes out some of our policy areas.

  • Benny Bennets has penned us a poem and a cartoon which is very topical at the moment.

  • Membership is growing at a wonderful rate as the word spreads. We have some amazing people joining and I thank everyone of you for your support.

  • We have appointed a person to look after the newsletters so from next year onwards Larry will compile the newsletters, more on that later.
    A logo is being worked on and is looking like a goer!

  • Some good press releases have gone out last month, one regarding Wasps became a hot topic on a hunting forum, especially when it was revealed DoC were more concerned about honey bees on the DoC estate introducing pathogens and eating insects food. Obviously they had not seen wasps eating a large stick Insect.
    Another regarding a new harmful bacteria found in NZ farmed salmon which has caused high mortality in Marlborough salmon farms. You can read it here
    New bacteria cause salmon farm deaths & could destroy NZ wild trout fishery

  • In keeping with the Parties emphasis on embracing everything New Zealand we opened a bank account with a "NZ bank", Kiwibank. Anyone who would like to make a donation the account number is 38-9017-0320052-00 and it will be very much appreciated.

  • Press Release.
    Wasp Menace Making Outdoors Hell

    Featured images The high population of wasps in the outdoors is making outdoor recreation outings a horror story says a noted outdoorsman and leader of the new Outdoors Party.
    "Ask any hunter, fisherman or hunter what it is like in our beautiful beech forest in March/ April and they immediately will tell you horror stories about wasps," he said. "They will tell you cannot sit down anywhere without being attacked."
    Many people allergic to wasp stings, carry self injecting Epipens because they know inevitably they will get stung.
    "In some places wasp nests are every 100 metres or less and to push through dense undergrowth becomes a wasp-sting suicide".
    Alan Simmons said fishermen and hunters were particularly vulnerable as the wasps homed in on the fish or carcass. "Land a fish or shoot a deer and the race is on between you and the wasps who will fight you for the flesh, carving off small chunks and flying them back to the nests."
    Anything that gets in their way was attacked including humans and retreat became the only option. As a consequence many people were forsaking a visit to forested areas because of the prevalence of wasps. He questioned the impact on other wildlife in forests such as birds..
    "If it is bad for humans imagine the impact it must be having on the forest fauna, the birds and insects that rely on honey dew for substance and the numbers that must be stung to death by the wasps in their hunt for protein."
    Continued next column.

    He said it was not uncommon to see wasps carving up a large stick insect or a dead bird so it was conceivable wasps were destroying much indigenous wildlife. He called on the Department of Conservation to take action against the wasp plague. "The Outdoors Party believes it is now time for DoC to attack the wasps with all the vigour they have put into opossums.The means to rid large areas of wasps is now available and DOC needs to be planning for next wasp season. Outdoors people need to feel confident that they can go into the mountains with having to carry an Epipen or a box of antihistamines. Peoples lives could be at risk and help is a long way off."
    Alan Simmons said the wasp problem was beyond forest and national parks and was also present on back country farms, around school playgrounds and in communities in general. They continued to increase in amazing numbers to such an extent the noise of wasps in the forest can drum out any other sound. "It is quite horrific," said Alan Simmons.
    Not only was the honey dew fuelling them but with a warming climate and the giant willow aphid also providing a huge food source the wasp plague would be the death of many birds and insects that rely of honey dew. The outdoors party called on DOC to urgently develop a comprehensive plan to deal with wasps and to begin a fight back this coming wasp season. "Instead of wasting millions on imagined pest problems and dosing public lands with damaging 1080, DOC should be addressing a real pest in wasps. Wasps are a public health issue as well as threat to our biodiversity," he said.

    Having heard almost every old cliche and assumptions why NOT support the new Outdoors Party. Here are 10 good reasons why you should.

    1. I'd like to vote for you, but it's a wasted vote.
    Wrong. The beauty of our Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system is not only that it allows every voter two votes ( a local vote for an MP and a party vote for a political party) but it invariably returns governments without overall majority Here's how the last seven elections have turned out

    General Election Year | Winning party | Number of seats
    2014 National 60 of 121
    2011 National 59 of 121
    2008 National 58 of 122
    2005 Labour 50 of 121
    2002 Labour 52 of 120
    1999 Labour 49 of 120
    1996 National 44 of 120
    What this means in practice is that in order for the party with the most votes to form a government it has to form alliances and cut deals with minor parties in return for their support on certain items on the parliamentary agenda. So, voting for the Outdoors Party is not a wasted vote - given that we intend to work alongside the Government of the day, if we can put at least one candidate into Parliament we have a very real chance of making a difference.

    2. Single issue parties never get many votes.
    The single issue of outdoor recreation comprises many elements such as;
    • Protecting our rivers and streams from relentless dams, discharges and abstraction?
    • Creating more National Parks and gazetted conservation land.
    • Building more huts and tracks.
    • Stopping the casino tactics of aerially broadcast 1080.
    • Creating recreational marine reserves and recreational fish species.
    • Banning the raising and sale of trout for commercial gain.
    • Managing wild game as a sustainable resource and not as a pest to be exterminated.

  • Secondly, given two votes, the Outdoors Party can be your party vote without compromising your candidate (local MP) vote.

  • Thirdly, National, Labour, the Greens, United Future, Maori and NZ First all tend towards neo-liberalism - free trade, entrepeneurialism, health and education for all and financial prudence. Given this blurring of differences between these parties means we can work with any and all of these in return for implementing our outdoor recreation policies.

  • 3. It's been done before - and it failed.
    Yes and no. Stuart, Sherry and Zane Mirfin started the Outdoor Recreation Party and won 26,000 votes in the 2002 election - a massive slice of the votes given the short lead-in time. Such was their initial success that a number of candidates from other parties courted them to try and appropriate outdoors votes and policies prior to the 2002 election. Thereafter ORP made a decision to broaden their political base by effectively "giving" their voter base to United Future.
    This proved something of a disaster as the 2005 election saw the combined vote of UF and ORP reduce substantially (from 136,000 and 26,000 respectively in 2002, to 61,000 in 2005). It was a marriage of incompatibilities - Christian based politics meets hunters and anglers.

    4. Why not just vote for the Green Party instead?
    It is true that many of the Green's policies are similar to ours, such as making all rivers swimmable. There are some major philosophical differences however - the fundamentalist elements of the Green Party see all introduced animals as pests to be exterminated, whereas we believe trout, salmon, deer, pigs, tahr, chamois and game birds are a valuable resource which should be managed from a recreational perspective.
    The Green Party also supports indiscriminate animal poisoning, such as aerial 1080 whereas we believe this practice is nothing more than a lethal lottery, all bets being laid on a rat eating a poisoned bait before anything else and nothing eating the poisoned rat thereafter.

    5. NZ First already represent the outdoors, so why vote for you?
    Richard Prosser, of NZ First has an impressive record of support for some outdoor policies, such as banning 1080. We have the greatest respect for Richard but note that he is a single voice within NZ First and his party has a history of not participating in the supply and confidence process i.e. they have effectively withdrawn from the parliamentary process. That is a wasted vote.

    6. Talking of Banning 1080 - aren't you duplicating the Ban 1080 Party
    No. Our policy of ceasing the way poisons are used on public land is similar but we have a much wider remit as we have explained above.

    7. Give me one good reason to vote for you?
    We can give you ten good reasons to vote for us:

    1. No new National Parks have been formed since 2002 (Rakiura/Stewart Island), National Parks give public land special status and protect it from development. Working with outdoors groups we want to identify areas that are deserving of National Park status.

    2. 10% of land administered by DoC is stewardship land and lacks any conservation status or protection - we want to see all public land being given protection from exploitation and commercial development.

    3. There are only eight ( formerly ten) recreational hunting areas within the public conservation estate. Again working with outdoors groups, hunters and the Game Animal Council, we believe there are many more opportunities to create and manage RHAs.

    4. Up to 67% of our lowland rivers and streams are now so polluted they are unfit for bathing. Our foothill rivers are being denuded by groundwater abstraction and our back country rivers and lakes are under threat of diversion for massive irrigation schemes. All this has a negative impact on our fish, both salmonids and natives. We wish to ratchet up freshwater standards to stop the unsustainable abstraction, exploitation and continued pollution of our most valuable natural resource.

    5. We seek to enshrine in legislation the prohibition of the commercial raising and sale of trout once and for all. Trout farming increases the risk of disease reaching our wild stock, can create a black market for poaching and overseas experience has been that trout farming is, at best, a marginal economic enterprise.

    6. DoC's budget has been cut every year since 2009 resulting in many tracks and huts being left to ruin. We believe DoC's fundamental purpose is to support outdoor recreation and to this end we seek to re-instate their budgets to levels that will enable them to focus on rejuvenating the heritage of huts and tracks.

    7. Recreational sea fishers come a poor second to the commercial trawlers. We will create recreational marine reserves for fishers to enjoy and recreational only species, such as kahawai and kingfish. We will review the Quota Management System to stop the waste and destruction from practices such as dumping of by-catch.

    8. Stopping top dressing public lands with poisons, such as 1080. We believe the current practice of betting a rat will eat a 1080 bait before a bird or deer is noting more than casino mentality and 50 years of continued 1080 use without any change in rat, stoat or possum counts is testament to a failed pest management strategy.

    9. Re-purposing the Game Animal Council towards being recreation focussed.

    10. Managing our introduced animals as a sustainable resource for both recreational and commercial benefit and not as unwanted pests to be destroyed.

    David Haynes

    Our Resident Cartoonist Benny Bennets is also a Poet. He penned this piece which I thought was very appropriate for our newsletter along with a cartoon...Thanks Benny! - The cartoon reminds me of co Leader David Haynes landing a fish!!


    Booked me annual holidays, salmon run is almost here,

    Got licence, rod and spinners...waders, net and beer.

    Pre-season studied rivers, the brook the creek the stream,

    A 40 lb'r on the line and I am allowed to dream.

    Opening day forget the chores, the salmons where its at,

    Up before the crack of dawn you'd think the bed was shat.

    Trudge gravel to the river mouth, the weathers grey and fickle,

    Where once a mighty river flowed now all I see a trickle.

    Kids stomp on the built-up sand till river dissolves its banks,

    River flow much faster now; to the kids we all give thanks.

    We cast and spin all morning, until the tide goes out,

    Don't even see a salmon...don't even see a trout.

    Next day it aint much better, and we only catch seaweed,

    Sand flies do all right tho; at least they get a feed.

    Wow! .Finally some action, the bend that's on that rod,

    Sportsmen who wind up their gear do it all for some old cod.

    And so the drama carries on, for nigh on a whole week,

    All we see a lot of, is rock-snot up the creek.

    River water siphoned off for crops and hydro dam,

    To get a feed of salmon now, I'll find one in a can.

    The salmon just aint here no more, the rivers too polluted,

    Effluent discharge everywhere, Resource Consents get rooted.

    Our rivers are on the paddocks, but its bureaucrats on the grass,

    Lets line up these politicians, and kick 'em up the !!!!!

    Benny Bennetts

    Thats it for the December newsletter! Before we know it we will be in a new year and I wonder what issues will surprise us in 2016!
    If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact me, Alan Simmons at
    Once again I thank you for your support and I encourage you to put your hand up if you can help and also keep working at other outdoors people to join. Please send this newsletter on to your club or get us mentioned in your club newsletter.

    Once again from all of us involved we wish you and your family the very best for the Christmas break.
    Until next time.
    Have a very happy Xmas.
    Alan Simmons

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