Outdoors Party Roadsigns. Freedom to have alternative views


Roadside signs for NZ Outdoorsparty.co.nz. Print ready. Just download and send to your printer. Based on a size of 1m.5x1m Your printer can resize if they want to.


These sign files have been designed by our designers to be able to be purchased and erected by members all over NZ. These are the design file and after purchasing you get a download link. Take the file to your local company who make core-flute signs and they will produce the sign for you.  These were designed to be suitable for 1.8m x 1m Coreflute sheets or as stick on  but your sign printer can use the same file in a smaller version. Please check with your printer how much the signs will cost you as there is a variation around NZ

The files are quite big, so you might need to be patient with them, but they are print-quality and with bleed and printer marks so your printers should have no problem with them.

We are thrilled that you can erect a sign in your neighborhood or side of road promoting the party.  Thank you so much.