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Te Awamutu

I grew up in small town New Zealand.  My family fell victim to the sale of the New Zealand Rail under the Lange led Labour Government.  I have been involved in outdoor activities all my life.  I am passionate about fishing and diving. I believe we all should have the right to hunt and gather our food, and that food should be poison free.Our water should be pure and our earth sustaining us.

I have lived all my life in the upper central North Island and have a passion to see less pollution and better living in our area.
I joined the New Zealand Outdoors Party because their policies on 1080 and water fluoride are close to my heart.

The Outdoors Party is not just about the Outdoors, it’s about freedom and choice,  real  democracy with genuine consultation and transparency with decision makers at all levels.

Tick Outdoors Party for your party vote and Chris Grey for your electorate vote if you think YOU could do better when your elected representative genuinely listens to you and acts in New Zealand’s best interests. 

Tracy Livingston

Tracy Livingston

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