2020 General Election Candidates

The 2020 New Zealand general election was held on Saturday 17 October 2020. The Outdoors Party (now the Outdoors & Freedom Party, were proud of their representation and thank all our members who stood in these regions.

North Island

Upper Harbour, Hamilton West, Taranaki-King Country, Ikaroa Rawhiti, Te Tai Hauauru, Port Waikato, Northcote, Epsom, North Shore, Papakura, Tauranga, East Coast Bays, Taupo, Northland, Waiariki, Whangaparaoa.

South Island

Nelson, Ilam, Christchurch East, Kaikoura, RangitataWest Coast/Tasman 

(Apologies if some 2020 candidates are missing – please contact us)

2023 General Election

The 54th Parliament of New Zealand will be held no later than 13 January 2024 – more likely in 2023.

A recent analysis stated that the 2023 election will be ‘anyone’s election’.

Our democracy is suffering from an absence of Parliamentarians who will not deviate from the party line and consider the priorities and values of the Kiwis they claim to represent.

The Outdoors & Freedom Party is here to promote transparency and democracy, promote Kiwi voices rather than follow globalist agendas, protect our environment for future generations and protect Kiwi sovereignty and freedom.

Let’s bring back the voice of everyday New Zealanders to protect health and our way of life.

Outdoors Party Song by Seb Warren. “Our Country Our Voice Our Vote”

Our Country Our voice Song with images

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