Kelly Thurston – Candidate for Ikaroa-Rawhiti

Born and raised in Taumarunui, King Country. The rural community of Hikumutu, RD 2, Tunakotekote road. Educated to guard and defend the Tunakotekote. I am Wahinetoa of Te Kooti, Moriori, Ruapani and NgaiTahu.

I am Wahinetoa of Te Kooti, Moriori, Ruapani and NgaiTahu. Country sportsgirl since youth, Horse Endurance Riding, High School Equestrian, World Athletics Federation, Badmington, Skating, BMX racing, Hockey, Skiing, Shooting, Rowing, Trapping-Bushwalking, Motorcycles, Canoeing, Outdoor adventure pursuits bodyboarding, free diving, customary Maori fishing, Wahinetoa Mahingakai growing things myself and with others for top nutrients, Advanced support for New Zealand’s Health and Wellbeing.

Whanau/family management is paramount for successful outcomes of the family decided supports to fund our own children’s attainments from birth till death.  This is what I do to represent the voices of Ikaroa-Rawhiti. 

New Zealand Outdoors Party elected me to represent Ikaroa-Rawhiti, they Sue Grey, Alan Simmons asked me to stand as they acknowledge what I do for New Zealand. 

I stepped back from being a baptized minister of Jehovah Witness and so I could stand tall and be elected, to keep my oath I made at age 7, ‘I promise on my honor to do my best, to do my duty to god, to serve my Queen and Country and to keep the guide law!’. 

The earth is angry with the humans destroying other humans, the toxic scar is real.

2nd lady in the 1st Manawatu unit to receive the distinguished ‘Girl Guide Chief Commissioners Award’.  Only the highly trained can ever attain this at such a young age 14. 

Alan Simmons

Alan Simmons

President & Co-Leader Alan has dedicated a lifetime of involvement in outdoors political issues. He’s sat on a number of national body executives, boards, NGO and management groups, including the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association, Electricorp Environmental Management Board, NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers and the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association. Many will know him through his website, the hugely popular New Zealand FishnHunt forum.

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