Outdoors Party advises caution for flu vaccine


Open letter to the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards

The Ministry of Health started its flu vaccine campaign with a complete lack of information normally required to make an informed consent for receiving a prescription medication.  Ministry of Health websites promoting the flu vaccine have a surprising lack of information of the worst of the negative effects and certainly no easy links to find the Medical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the Afluria vaccine.  Outdoors Party Health Spokesperson Tracy Livingston strongly recommends anyone planning to have the vaccine, takes time to read the MSDS, which is usually in the box, and is known as the ‘vaccine insert’. This is vitally important as informed consent is a legal requirement of medical treatment in New Zealand.

Tracy says that it’s important to know what the ingredients are and what that means. Most people don’t have the chemistry background to make sense of them. The vaccine obviously contains the expected viral particles, but the ‘excipients’  list includes propiolactone, in minute amounts, whose Safety Data Sheet states is a combustible liquid that is a “class 1B carcinogen, fatal if inhaled, and causes skin and serious eye irritation”.  Strangely there is no data available on the effects of being injected, perhaps because it has never been tested by that route.

Another excipient is sodium taurodeoxycholate, again present in minute amounts, has the Safety Data Sheet warning “Caution: Product has not been fully validated for medical applications. For research use only” and causes skin irritation, serious eye irritation and may cause respiratory irritation, but again no data on effects from injection.

There are obviously negative effects from the vaccine as the MSDS warning states “If Guillain-Barré syndrome has occurred within 6 weeks of previous influenza vaccination, the decision to give Afluria® Quad / Afluria® Quad Junior vaccine should be based on careful consideration of the potential benefits and risks.”

Investigation of the NZ SMARS flu vaccine reports shows that there are hundreds of reactions, some quite serious with one death reported in a 10 year period. However, previous years MOH iatrogenic (medically caused injury) reports usually show one death per year following a flu vaccination, and three in 2015, so Tracy considers the SMARS figures to be wildly inaccurate.

The Cochrane Collaboration reports “Vaccines and antivirals have a weak or non-existent scientific evidence base. After reviewing more than 50 clinical trials, it is clear that the performance of the vaccines in healthy adults is nothing to get excited about. On average, perhaps 1 adult out of a 100 vaccinated will get influenza symptoms compared to 2 out of 100 in the unvaccinated group. To put it another way we need to vaccinate 100 healthy adults to prevent one set of symptoms. However, our Cochrane review found no credible evidence that there is an effect against complications such as pneumonia or death”.

The Outdoors Party is concerned about the Ministry of Health putting our population at risk of numerous side effects and wasting millions of health care dollars on a vaccine that is neither safe nor effective. To make it worse, a study published in Jan 2020 showed recipients of the seasonal flu vaccine were at increased risk of coronavirus infection, so having a flu vaccine this year may actually increase your risk of suffering a corona virus infection such as SARS-COV2.

 The Outdoors Party calls for a completely independent assessment of the New Zealand data to compare health outcomes for those who have been vaccinated against those who are not vaccinated. They believe it is the only way to properly assess the risks and benefits, and would be the first time it has been done in New Zealand.

Overseas data shows several highly effective natural treatments for flu. The Outdoors Party says New Zealand should, instead of spending millions on flu vaccine and its promotion, investigate, support and fund the best of these to  reduce harm from the flu and the flu vaccine, and boost our nation’s overall health and wellbeing.

contact: Tracy Livingston 027 212 8827


https://www.medsafe.govt.nz/Projects/B1/adrsearch.asp  (enter influenza vaccine polyvalent)


Tracy Livingston

Tracy Livingston

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