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The New Zealand Outdoors Party Health Spokesperson, Tracy Livingston, is dismayed at the lack of understanding and logic in the New Zealand government’s management of the COVID 19 outbreak and the writing of the Covid19 Public Health Response Act 2020.

It’s important for people’s peace of mind to understand that we live in a ‘sea of viruses’ – 50% of human DNA is viral in structure and there are billions of viruses throughout our environment – soil, air, water, animals. Since 1976 12,800 new viruses have been “discovered” by science and recorded. For health officials to say that SARS-COV-2 virus is a “novel” virus is illogical, there are new viruses being discovered all the time, and no panic ensues.

Viruses and bacteria are a normal part of the human biome.  Viruses are genomic information, signalling devices or micro-messengers – they have a function, the same way bacteria have a function, and cannot ‘be eliminated’ or ‘stamped out’. To shut down a country for a “novel infectious virus” and pass laws to prevent someone becoming ill from a virus is an extraordinary course of action when we are surrounded by, and are full of, billions of viruses.  Recent studies show that over 40% of healthy people have all sorts of “nasty” viruses – such as HIV, Hep B & C, and more. So if we are tested and found with such and such virus, our illness will be blamed on that virus, whereas it may have just been sitting there minding its own business for years.

This also explains the hilarious PCR control test results that the President of Tanzania received when he had numerous items tested for SARS-COV-2 virus and had a goat, a pawpaw and a jackfruit show a positive test! Another concern with the testing is that the PCR tests being used are not based on a quantified virus isolates of SARS-COV-2 virus. The test is therefore not a suitable or accurate diagnostic tool.

PCR tests are not binary (meaning they don’t produce a clean positive or negative result). Labs can therefore manipulate the number of cases testing positive by adjusting the sensitivity markers of the tests (which leaves results wide open to external influencing and political foul play).  The Outdoors Party maintains that shutting down our country based on inaccurate testing tools that lack scientific credibility shows the current government has been badly informed.

Dr Zach Bush points out in an interview, that COVID19 cases in the United States present remarkably similar to cyanide poisoning – the haemoglobin is not carrying oxygen properly and patients are dying of oxygen starvation. Patients present as blue with extremely low levels of blood oxygen, liver damage, multi-organ failure but with normal body temperature with no signs of viral infection or respiratory distress, and normal white blood cells count. It’s only later, without proper management, that fluid accumulates in the lungs and secondary infection sets in and only then does the patient develop a fever. Ventilators are shown to make the situation worse not better – in fact 9 out of 10 ventilated patients die in New York hospitals which makes these iatrogenic, or mismanagement, deaths, not viral deaths.

It has become apparent that air pollution is a more accurate predictor of symptoms and death than viral load. Long term exposure to particulate matter lowers resistance to the influenza virus. The World Health Organisation says 7 million people die annually from air pollution. A 2017 paper showed death from all causes greatly increases as air pollution increases and coincidentally a recent paper noted the United States has consistently unsafe levels of cyanide in air pollution so we can expect that cyanide is also present in other highly polluted centres. 

Hubei Province is the centre of industrial and agriculture and as such suffers a highly toxic environment. Last year, there were massive protests in Wuhan over dangerous pollution levels. You may have noticed the COVID19 death rate in Wuhan slowed dramatically when industry and traffic reduced over those weeks and months. The areas with the worst pollution have been the worst hit with this virus. This explains New Zealand’s low COVID death rate as being a factor of low air pollution in New Zealand, rather than a lack of transmission. I also wonder if our patients are presenting with the same symptoms as Americans and Europeans – because if they are not, then we’re not suffering the same illness that people living in a highly polluted environment are suffering. If pollution is being ignored as a cause of morbidity and mortality from COVID19 then the polluters are being let off the hook and the real causes left to continue unchecked.

Risk factors that the Ministry of Health must surely be aware off, include common medications – statins, ACE2 inhibitors and ARB’s (angiotensin receptor blockers). Patients should be taken off these medications and alternatives used while there is a chance of viral infection. Populations that take more prescription medication are shown to have a higher death rate from COVID19. Certainly in New Zealand, it has been obvious that the elderly have been most affected and it may be because they are often highly medicated.

Another risk factor, particularly for the elderly, is having a flu vaccine which has been shown to increase the risk of a corona virus infection in the following year, as well as not being terribly effective at preventing the flu in the first place. Not only that, it transpires that actually ‘catching’ the flu primes your immune system to function better to ward off other bugs, a valuable immune function called transverse immunity. Those of us who understand the immune system are annoyed that we can’t go out and develop natural immunity to whatever is ‘going around’ as humans have done for millennia.  In fact, not being able to do so during New Zealanders home detention, is a massive experiment with an unknown outcome.

Knowing all this means we can’t just ‘blame the virus’ because we know that the virus on its own will not kill a patient. It is imperative to do proper epidemiology for the patients with bad (and good) outcomes to make sure we understand these risk factors, and determine if there are others pertaining to New Zealand conditions, to reduce and prevent further unnecessary deaths.

If the government was really concerned about our health, they would   have stocked hospitals up with vitamin C. Civilians knew! The shelves emptied out days before NZ went in to prison lockdown. Vitamin C is a remarkable tried and tested cure-all for both bacterial and viral infections. Some American businesses sent hospitals in Wuhan tons of vitamin C as a gift, and the doctors were seeing excellent improvements in patients immediately. If hospitals are refusing vitamin C as a therapy for flu symptoms, they are being negligent in their care of patients, as there is a mountain of research to show its safety and efficacy.

If the government was really concerned about citizens, The Ministry of Health would have warned us to not  take over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals for any influenza symptoms because taking panadol, codeine, ibuprofen and other OTC medication has been shown to prolong the flu and increase the risk of more serious illness. These medications stop the body doing its miraculous job of launching an immune response, generating fever and producing important immune system chemicals.  

Infections are one of the lowest causes of death in New Zealand – we are much more likely to die from chronic degenerative illness such as heart disease and cancers, and even medical misadventure, than infections.  So then, we have to, as a nation, ask – why have we put billions of dollars into locking down our nation to prevent an infectious illness when we could have put a fraction of those funds into supporting the true health of our people, to naturally develop immunity that will give us life-long protection as well as that all important transverse immunity.  

Let’s be clear – Covid 19 virus has NOT created this financial catastrophe that New Zealand is going through now.  It is the government’s lack of understanding of health, and how to achieve it as a nation. This bizarre reaction to the possibility that people may get sick – as if people aren’t getting sick and dying all the time – but only now all of a sudden can we put billions of dollars into, strangely not health care, but home detention and business closure.  If the government shuts down our country without checking to see what the real causes of disease are, it’s not really about health then is it? We are instructed to ‘be kind’ but government’s guidelines stopped people seeing their loved ones before they died. Government locked people into their houses, shut down businesses and then passed retrospective legislation to make it all ‘legal’. Government made every one of our citizens responsible for every other citizen’s health creating divisiveness between us as people.

It’s time for government to stop fear mongering over something a first world nation (Sweden for example, although they admit they could have done better with their elderly) could have managed easily with a little research, proper epidemiology and the right treatments, and excellent nursing.

Tracy Livingston

Tracy Livingston

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