Rioting in the streets or Paradise in the Great Outdoors

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Press Release.  5/04/2020

Rioting in the streets or Paradise in the Great Outdoors

Alan Simmons co-leader of the NZ Outdoors Party says tensions are at breaking point around New Zealand. “I cannot keep up with the calls and messages from New Zealanders who are extremely stressed, distressed and frustrated by dramatic changes imposed on our Kiwi lifestyle. Many are in tears and shell-shocked. People use fishing, walking in the hills, boating and other outdoors activities to relax and let off steam” says Alan. “With so much uncertainty about health, jobs and our future, it is cruel and unreasonable to ban favourite activities and coop people up inside their homes. We have already received information about domestic violence, alcohol abuse and a suicide. Outdoor activities are being restricted by rules dreamed up by Wellington bureaucrats who are out of touch with rural New Zealanders. These rules undermine trust in our government.”

“Its an important message.  The authorities need to think beyond Wellington and start to understand that people in rural places often have a close connection with nature. These rules also disproportionately affect people who don’t have long term homes or who are in overcrowded situations.  Frustration can only be bottled up for a short while. What safer way to manage stress than go for a swim at the beach, a walk in the hills, a quiet solitary fish or kayak or boat in sheltered waters.  

Our government has set up a line to encourage people to dob in others. They started this even before their new rules were clear and when the police themselves recognised they had no enforcement powers.

Busy bodies of the community are busy dobbing people in to the police. People are being encouraged with slick messaging to turn in their neighbours. Many react badly to fear and government propaganda.” Says Alan

“Sue Grey, my NZ Outdoors Party Co-Leader and a specialist in public rights law, posted a video of herself walking her paddle board in calm knee deep water, as an illustration of the stupidity of the latest restrictions.  She was at the bottom  of her drive within her bubble. Already a number of people claim to have contacted the police.

We are starting to understand how the Nazi Party was so successful implementing their agenda. This is not the New Zealand way. The government must pull back urgently and relax restrictions that are not necessary or which are disproportionate to any threat.”  Alan added.

“What sort of country have we become? What happened to our common sense, self sufficiency and our once celebrated “No 8 Wire” mentality” said Alan.

Sue Grey says its been an extremely busy time for her with fundamental rights and freedoms under being undermined. We had become very complacent in New Zealand about our freedoms. Suddenly people are waking up.

“People understand that the Coronavirus threat, as initially reported was new and frightening. The obvious step was to quickly close our borders until the risk could be better assessed. Instead the government seems to have introduced a “Claytons closure” where they told us one thing, but did another.“says Sue Grey. “As new evidence suggests the risk is much less than initially feared, the government has inexplicably taken increasingly draconian action without any regard for the harm their decisions are causing to our future. They seem to have failed to undertake risk assessment about the consequences of their decisions on everyday kiwis.” said Sue. Big supermarket chains can open, but not most small family food business. They are allowing telecommunication upgrades without consultation and despite the harm RFEMR causes to the health of those who are electro-sensitive. They allow deep-water corporate fishing, but not individuals to fish off the wharf.

The NZ Outdoors Party is developing a vision of how real New Zealanders want New Zealand to be. Lets break out of the fear and cotton wool mentality where we are locked inside buildings like frightened mice, and lets rediscover our kiwi spirit? Many New Zealanders love the Outdoors. Many work to live and play in our Great Outdoors – our beaches, rivers, mountains and trails. Life is never going to be no-risk.

“We need to start asking questions about how we can protect and enhance New Zealand, New Zealanders and our kiwi culture” says Sue Grey. “Everything is up for change at the moment. Lets make sure we carefully prioritise the best of kiwi and what we have learned from this crisis. Lets learn to treat each other better. Lets reconnect with each other and with nature. Lets encourage healthy lifestyles and food. Lets support our local businesses. Lets ask hard questions and explore all the options. Lets re-create a New Zealand where we don’t just survive but where we all can thrive.

The NZ Outdoors Party invites input on what New Zealanders think is special about New Zealand, our Great Outdoors, our kiwi values and our culture. Why type of country to do want when we emerge from this lock down?

“I personally like the way we are at the moment. Neighbours talking over the fence, birds singing and no traffic noise. It is like the world is taking a deep breath”. said Alan Simmons, lets use this time to reflect, relax and think. Lets be mindful that decision made now will shape our future, and that freedoms once lost are inevitably hard to recover.


Alan Simmons. ph 0274 980 304

Sue Grey.  ph, 022 691 0586

Alan Simmons

Alan Simmons

President & Co-Leader Alan has dedicated a lifetime of involvement in outdoors political issues. He’s sat on a number of national body executives, boards, NGO and management groups, including the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association, Electricorp Environmental Management Board, NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers and the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association. Many will know him through his website, the hugely popular New Zealand FishnHunt forum.

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