Rural News Hound Loses The Plot

We loved the Hound’s Rural News piece on our Ruataniwha press release so much that Alan could not resist responding…

Rural News Piece

Dear Hound,
Your sources for your column seem to be well off the scent when you
commented on “Selfish Fisherman” last week and the Outdoors Party.
I guess we can’t blame you if you have been tied up in your kennel for
the last year or so but once you are off the leash you should at least
check the simplest facts.
The Outdoors Party has possibly more members that a few parties already
in Parliament, many of whom are land owners/farmers including the two co
leaders and one is in fact a past member of Federated Farmers! So your
run in the paddock has been cut short, back in your kennel boy for another
few days.
David Haynes, who commented on the Ruatanawha Dam (not published by you)
asking  where the evidence is to back up the claims of environmental
benefits is not and has never been a fishing guide nor lived in
Wellington… He lives in Nelson and farms small rural block.  Never
mind – a trip to dosing strip might fix you!

Alan Simmons
the other co leader….:-)

David Haynes

David Haynes

Co-Leader of the NZ Outdoors Party, David has an intense love for tramping and hunting. He is a member of both Federated Mountain Clubs and Nelson Deerstalkers Association.

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