Small, Medium & Family Business Policy

Our Vision: We want to create a country where we are admired by the world not just because of our wonderful natural environment, but because of the way we live. A way of life that protects and enhances that environment.

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The NZ Outdoors Party promotes and encourages family, small and medium New Zealand businesses.

Reduce business costs

We must reduce the cost of compliance for tax and GST, not pile on new costs. We will remove provisional tax for businesses, particularly in the vulnerable first three years.

The Outdoors Party will push for getting rid of GST altogether and replacing with a very small Financial Transaction Tax that will have zero compliance costs.

We will re-consider our Free Trade agreements such as TPPA and withdraw from any that are reducing the ability for kiwis to earn a living.

We recognise that many people have brilliant ideas but paperwork and business are not their strengths. The BAB will be a place that the best ideas are considered and support networks created so innovative concepts are supported to become flourishing businesses, increasing wealth for all New Zealanders.

Making it easy for small and medium size business

We will create business advice bureaus (BAB) so people wanting to set up in business can get advice, information and inspiration. Ideas on what is required in the local area, what government is supporting for future investments, how to write a business plan, how to start up with minimal funding, how to get funding, managing employees, pitfalls and ‘what not to do’ and “the must dos” – all the basic things needed to really help local businesses thrive. 

These BAB’s will be a local ‘go to’ hub that will also support local businesses to do better. Providing courses for both employers and employees to be able to fulfill the obligations, both legally and ethically.  Mediation services, loan advice and facilitation, and more.

People wanting to set up businesses can get information they need to make it easy to understand different business structures, and how to get started.  We also support business mentor programs.

Govt to give preference to NZ business

We will ensure all government agencies use NZ businesses, NZ expertise and NZ products unless no local options are available.
We will promote “buy local” programs, including farmers markets, and educate the public on the community benefits of this.
We will encourage innovation using wool, hemp and other NZ sourced materials.

Alan Simmons

Alan Simmons

President & Co-Leader Alan has dedicated a lifetime of involvement in outdoors political issues. He’s sat on a number of national body executives, boards, NGO and management groups, including the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association, Electricorp Environmental Management Board, NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers and the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association. Many will know him through his website, the hugely popular New Zealand FishnHunt forum.

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