Tracy Livingston’s Xmas Message -Opinion.

Tracy Livingston. An opinion.

It’s 11 days to Christmas and I imagine it is one of the weirdest Christmas holidays you have ever experienced. It feels like being in a never ending nightmare, with one horror rolling out over another. Just when you think it can’t it worse, it does. The Crown corporation vaccine ‘mandates’, ignoring vaccine reactions, ignoring the data, mass walk outs by nurses, doctors and teachers leaving institutions at tipping point into chaos, complete disregard for the health and safety of our people, lie upon lie dripping from forked tongues, Bill after atrocious Bill on the conveyer belt of parliament – most of it draconian and unnecessary.  Covid is just one part of drama, we ‘anti-1080’ folk know that this Crown corporation has had an obsession with death for longer than just this last year or so. They want everything and will stop at nothing. They want our resources, our land, our water, our lives, BUT THEY CAN’T HAVE THEM!  

The good news for Christmas is that if the Crown corporation’s sole purpose was to wake up the sleeping giant, they couldn’t have done a better job, organised a better plan, than the one they are implementing now. Someone crunched the numbers and concluded that  NOT 90% of (eligible) kiwis are vaccinated, it’s actually closer to 55%.  This nation is too small for us to not know someone who is seriously vaccine injured and it’s on social media every day, so no one can turn a blind eye. People are stepping up and finding themselves leadership roles, tens of thousands of us have connected up with Voices for Freedom and are out weekly with signs to make passersby think and also to let people know they are not alone, that we are here too and we’re not going away.  The Rights & Freedoms Coalition has been great organising talks in towns across NZ, as they have the man power and the sound systems for big crowds. By the time this goes out, we’ll have been to Wellington for another big march on Parliament so it will be interesting to see how many thousands show up to march together. Although obviously we’re a political party, we think that we are more than that.  We just want what is best for our tangata and our whenua and will work with and cooperate with other organisations/individuals with the same goal, because this is not and never has been about politics. It’s about not letting the crown corporation destroy our kiwi way of life.

“Duality is not a one way street”… all the bad and evil, must be balanced with the good and that is what we are seeing.  I’ve made more friends in the past few months than any other time of my life, I’m connecting with good people with good hearts, intelligent and thoughtful, and fun and curious and full of life.  We’re meeting in the park, we’re having real conversations about important issues, we’re sharing emotional connection. There is a huge facebook thread of those offering to share their Christmas with those who had been shunned by their own families. I used to feel annoyed with myself (and I’m sure I was annoying others too) for being such a ‘Chicken-Little’ …. ‘THE SKY IS FALLING!!’ but now I find myself in great company.  And LEARNING!  I’m sure you all, as have I, have been forced into a ‘brain upgrade’ just to cope with all the new information and skill sets to face this unlawful corporation.  

Every era brings its challenges and I really feel for those who are loaded up with home loan debt, student debt, and or managing on low wages or managing all of this with children to care for or someone who felt compelled to take the jab and now is too sick to work.  It is not a good time if you haven’t been preparing for this for a decade or if you don’t have family to turn to or don’t have access to resources. It’s hard enough WITH all those things in place, it’s overwhelming without them. But please know that help is always at hand, there is always another way, another solution. We hear so many terrible reactions from the vax, and then those people can’t work or look after their children anyway. ACC is refusing many claims so patients can’t expect help from that quarter (always try though).  This will NOT last for much longer, particularly is every one of us declines to cooperate, constant non-compliance is required even when it’s not comfortable, even when there is going to be conflict. Look for solutions with friends and family – if it means moving home for a while, or selling in the city and moving to a small town, be open to new ideas and new solutions. The Vax Russian Roulette is just not worth it.  

I can tell you who doesn’t feel for you and that is Jacinta Ardern and her side kick, Chris Luxon.  Mark my words, from someone who has been watching politics play out for decades, these two might as well be the same person (one with hair, one without) for all the difference a ‘reign’ change would bring. Luxon (or his PR team) is bringing a weird jokie/blokey/but still a good Chrisitian/ vibe to face book (check his new facebook page) to topple Ardern ‘one meme at a time’. They obviously know that they don’t have to try too hard to win voters because forget policy or actually doing something, instead you just get recycled anti-Labour memes.

Sue Grey, of course, is working her little heart out, endless calls and zoom meetings many with overseas teams, lots of stuff going on behind the scenes as well as in front, and tons of stuff in the pipe line. We are deeply concerned about lawyers now wanting to make money out of the “freedom movement” and saying it will cost hundreds of thousands to represent people or organisations in court. This is NOT what we’re about – these guys waltz in, after all that has happened,  demanding massive fees when people like Sue have been running on a shoe string budget and take a case to the high court for 10% (including expenses) of what these guys are demanding.  I know everyone is desperate but lawyers like that do not deserve your time or money.  We have a small but dedicated team of lowly paid (and unpaid) lawyers, receiving help from overseas as well as locally, the last thing we need is a couple of hotshots turn up when they think there is money to be made, not really understanding the issues or really caring about the outcomes.

I don’t know what Alan gets up to but he’s working his big heart out too – mostly in a supporting role for Sue’s work. The employment court case is coming up next week (?) so hours and hours are going into that mahi.

The Outdoors Party made a few  submissions to select committee – there is so much going on in legislation atm, it makes your head spin – the hundred and fifty third rendition of the Covid public health response Act – (just kidding), The Digital Harms Bill, The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill. Needless to say, from our angle, no matter how they dress themselves up, they all look like ways for the corporation to consolidate power to fewer people, and remove your rights and freedoms.   Please have a look here for the most recent ones and feel free to comment on our forum.

For medical professionals who have ‘walked’ there is a new medical council running under the Maori Government that you may consider getting in touch with for more information.

Remember there are a ton of free resources here make sure you check there first if you need help with Covid information. And the local VFF groups have opportunities for work and other resources so make sure you connect with your tribe there as well.

I wanted to just take a few lines to say how sorry we are about the terrible accident that occurred after the last Freedoms & Rights Coalition march in Wellington last month. We were shocked and saddened by the loss of these brave teachers from Taranaki who were obviously prepared to stand up for their rights against this insane psychopathic corporation/government but lost their lives because of it. Our thoughts go out to the families and students who lost their loved ones that terrible day.

There will be many of you heading out to your favourite holiday places – but be aware that DOC has locked non-vaxxed out of our huts, camp grounds are out of bounds for non-vaxxed, and councils have made freedom camping difficult so that’s tricky too. I wonder if we need a data base of those with land suitable for camping/caravan parking who might open up their space for holiday makers. If it’s easier to have a ‘staycation’ then make sure you get out and spend some time in nature, tramping, swimming, cycling and perhaps a little meditation to find the deep sense of peace and joy within.

Remember to connect with us on Facebook and also on

Happy holidays, don’t drink too much, drive safely and practise Covid non-compliance.

Alan Simmons

Alan Simmons

President & Co-Leader Alan has dedicated a lifetime of involvement in outdoors political issues. He’s sat on a number of national body executives, boards, NGO and management groups, including the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association, Electricorp Environmental Management Board, NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers and the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association. Many will know him through his website, the hugely popular New Zealand FishnHunt forum.

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