Very Successful AGM held at Mount Maunganui Sat 7th. May 2022


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Very Successful AGM held at Mount Maunganui Sat 7th.

A large enthusiastic membership celebrated a very successful AGM on Saturday 7th May 2022.   The meeting endorsed a change to the leadership and celebrated the party’s dramatic boost in membership. 

The AGM kicked off Sue Grey’s nomination for the seat of Tauranga for the 18 June 2022 by-election.

Co Leader and founder of the party Alan Simmons stepped down but remains as president. Donna Pokere-Phillips was appointed as co leader with Sue Grey. This creates a powerful co leadership team and an exciting new home for Maori.

Politically aware and savvy Tangata Whenua have been calling increasingly loudly for a political home for Māori that they can trust to fight for grass roots, seedlings, yearlings, all the way up to our grand Kauri and Totara. This call is matched by other New Zealanders from diverse walks of like who have been badly let down by the arrogance of the current regime and who are seeking true representatives with a track record of both listening and courageously representing them.

Sue and Donna have answered that call.

Donna has a strong background in politics, policy development, and highly sought after cultural reports services. Having a Masters in Law, Donna stands shoulder to shoulder with her Co-leader Sue Grey who is a much loved advocate for the people with expertise in both law and scientist. Together, they are working for the best interests of Papatuanuku and all who call Aotearoa New Zealand home.

We are living in unprecedented times, where every one of us across Aotearoa New Zealand have felt the pain of the past two to three years of upheaval and uncertainty. Sue and Donna are committed to creating a united country where all our people feel valued, where we can celebrate both our unity and diversity, and where the future is bright.

Alan Simmons

Alan Simmons

President & Co-Leader Alan has dedicated a lifetime of involvement in outdoors political issues. He’s sat on a number of national body executives, boards, NGO and management groups, including the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association, Electricorp Environmental Management Board, NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers and the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association. Many will know him through his website, the hugely popular New Zealand FishnHunt forum.

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