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Newsletter – December 2019
Authorised by Jenn Haakma, Secretary, NZ Outdoors Party. RD1 Reporoa
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Christmas Greetings To All Members & Supporters. December 2019 Newsletter.

Message from Alan Simmons. Co-leader Alan Simmons. co leader NZ Outdoors Party
It has been a very busy year for the executive and we are now in a very good position to push towards next years election.
There have been some significant changes since our last newsletter. Our co-founder and co-leader David Haynes has stepped down for a period to handle issues that require his full attention. We look forward to welcoming David back in the future.
The board decided to appoint Sue Grey as the new co-leader and that has proven to be a big win for the party with a dramatic surge in new members and candidates coming forward as we widen our field of interest and policies.
Mike Isles has been appointed as membership manager and Jenn Haakma has stepped up to take over the very important role of secretary. You can check them out at OurTeam
We now have a South island team working away at spreading the word and I am awaiting the boards approval to appoint a campaign manger. This will be announced after Xmas as will some of our amazing candidates already confirmed.
Next year will be an exciting time for us as a party. We have come a long way since the last election and feel very confident we can do it this time. Wherever we go we are encouraged by the numbers supporting us and the huge interest in joining the party to help us get there.
I wish to thank everyone of you for supporting us and wish you all a Very Happy Xmas.

Message from Sue Grey. Co-LeaderSue Grey co leader NZ Outdoors Party
I’m honoured to co-lead the Outdoors Party to inspire change so NZ and NZ’ers don’t just survive, but thrive. NZ has lost its way. It’s time for a shift in direction.
Lets prioritise necessities such as fresh air, clean water, healthy soil and food.
Lets nurture our people (spiritually and physically), our soil and other ecosystems and reconnect with nature and the Outdoors.
Lets value our creativity, energy and expertise and reclaim democracy.
Lets harness our “people power” – individually and together as tangata whenua – to find a new way forwards. Our people are our solution.
Let’s start to act for our grandchildren to create a New Zealand they can be proud of.
I look forward to meeting you all. Have a very happy and safe Xmas. Sue Grey.

New Brochures
We have produced a new three fold brochure which has proven very popular with thousands already handed out and a new batch due any day. You can take a look at them by clicking on the thumbnail images. If you would like some brochures to distribute please feel free to print from these images or email us and we will send you some. We are also in the process of creating a number of new ones to be announced and available for members to distribute.

New brochures for Outdoors party New brochures for Outdoors party

Message from Alan Rennie, South Island co-ordinator. If anyone is interested in joining Alans campaign and candidate team then please contact Alan. Email Alan Rennie

“When you become a member of the Outdoors Party, please remember you are attempting to achieve great change in the health and well being of our country. We welcome you to our family and being part of something great. We don’t all have to agree with everything but it is important we are heading in the same philosophical direction and find ways to interact constructively so we can all learn from each other. Let’s create a legacy of a healthy THRIVING New Zealand for your children’s children.”

Next March, 20-22nd, a huge Outdoors Party is being held in Turangi. Groups will be converging on the town so we feel it would be a great time to hold our AGM and for members to meet our candidates with the election likely to be only a few months later. We understand that over a 100 plan to ride on horseback from Taupo to Turangi as a protest over the use of 1080, a fleet of hunting trucks to follow. There will be music at night from a number of top bands and artists who want to show their dislike for the use of poisons. There will also be talks by amazing people about “people power” and some inspirational speakers from overseas and within NZ. So put it in your diary and bring a tent/camper and enjoy several days of mingling with friends. More to be announced shortly.

As a party we are flying and membership has hit a critical mass requiring a dedicated person to handle membership. Mike Isles is in charge of Members. Please contact Mike if you have any issue regarding membership. 021 483 300

Sika Show 2019
Mark Bridgeman who is ‘Mr Sika show’ is a strong supporter of the Outdoors Party and again we had a stand there spreading the word and engaging with members. Every year the Sika show goes from strength to strength and Mark works really hard to put on this amazing event every year. Well done Mark and heaps of appreciation from us. Alan Simmons on Outdoors Party stand and people signing up at the Sika show, Taupo, 2019

Already we have a strong list of prospective candidates for next years election. We now need to start to finalise the list and undertake some candidate weekends. If you have an interest in standing for the party then please come forward now as we will start to firm up our selection by the end of January. If you think you could enjoy the challenge then make yourself known to either Email Sue Grey | Email Alan Simmons | Email Alan Rennie. We want people from all walks of life and especially those who have “lived” so don’t be afraid to step up. It would be a great event for the party to stand someone in every electorate, including all the Maori electorates where we already have some excellent candidates.

Election Plans for 2020
Plans are well in hand for next years election and good teams are being appointed in both islands to run the campaign. Members will be interested to know that our campaign team is enthusiastically preparing and rapidly expanding ready for next year. If you have an interest in helping please contact Alan Rennie who is coordinating these teams as we need people power to turn the government and how we govern on its head. With our new policy areas broadening the party we are attracting a lot of interest from all walks of life. Areas such as organics and soil health to well-being and people power, not forgetting our core areas of the outdoors, hunting and fishing. These new policy areas resonate with the people and encompass our core philosophy of getting young and old into the outdoors, loving our environment and the well being and happiness that comes for that.

Expanding our Outdoors policies.
We are getting a lot of encouragement to expand our policies into health, education, rural development, economics, justice and other areas so that we can be seen as a full legitimate alternative to current political options. We welcome members views on this and any policy ideas you have.

Like every party we need funding. Unlike others we don’t have big business or industries to back us. We are a people movement and do not want to fall into the trap of accepting business ‘bribes’. We certainly will not get any from the ‘fishing industry’ and nor will we from ‘Corporate Diary’. We need to keep this movement funded by lots of small donations so we can keep true to our principals. We encourage members to donate when they can or we suggest a small regular monthly donation would be awesome. I myself have set up a monthly auto payment of $10.00 and if enough of us did that then we would really be able to make a difference. Donate

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    Sue Grey reports on some of her cases in 2019

    Some excellent court outcomes this year bode well for Outdoors issues.
    In the shark cage diving appeal, the Supreme Court defined “hunt or kill” to include any disturbance of wildlife which is likely to cause significant harm. This means shark cage diving is legal provided the agreed code of conduct is followed to avoid harm to sharks, but aerially spreading poison baits known to kill wildlife requires a Wildlife Authority.
    The Great Barrier EEZ case (Klink v Coastal Resources Ltd) was another important win for the community. The EPA’s decision to authorise marina dredge waste to be dumped in the EEZ offshore of Great Barrier was set aside by the High Court due to deficient consultation with Great Barrier island tangata whenua. The court made clear that consultation must be with all affected interests, not just those most likely to OK a proposal.
    These cases are important for communities seeking more responsible use of poisons and accountability from government.
    Although law reform can be slow and frustrating, people power prevails eventually. So far this year every one of my medicinal cannabis clients have been discharged without conviction.
    Next year let’s unite to force accountability with 5G.

    Sue Grey completes grueling Kepler Mountain Challenge><br>

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    That’s it for this newsletter!
    If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact us, Alan Simmons at
    Sue Grey
    Once again we thank you for your continued support. Please put your hand up if you can help or want to stand as a candidate and also we need you to keep working on other outdoors people to join. Send this newsletter on to your club or get us mentioned in your club newsletter. Please donate and don’t forget to email for some brochures.

    Until next time.

    Alan Simmons

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    Alan Simmons

    Alan Simmons

    President & Co-Leader Alan has dedicated a lifetime of involvement in outdoors political issues. He’s sat on a number of national body executives, boards, NGO and management groups, including the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association, Electricorp Environmental Management Board, NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers and the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association. Many will know him through his website, the hugely popular New Zealand FishnHunt forum.

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